How to Fix Error Loading Operating System

Error Loading Operating System

The error message loading operating system appears during the boot process .

The cause can be from a problematic hard disk system , and incorrect BIOS configuration.

This problem will not be solved until you fix it yourself. That’s why it’s important to know the cause of this problem.

Causes of Error Loading Operating System

This error loading operating system is similar to the missing operating system problem that has been discussed.

There are 4 reasons why you are having problems loading the operating system error.

  • The file system is corrupt or not completely intact. For example in the boot manager .
  • The system partition on the main hard disk is corrupted. The cause could be a virus attack or a power outage.
  • Incorrect boot order can make this problem appear.
  • BIOS does not support computer hard drive settings or sizes.

This operating system loading error problem can appear on Windows XP to Windows 10.

How to fix Error Loading Operating System

How to solve the following operating system loading error will allow you to get back into Windows.

Follow one by one.

1. Reset BIOS Settings

Maybe, you have accidentally made changes to the BIOS settings on the laptop you are using.

An error in the BIOS settings, especially regarding the boot order, can cause this problem to appear.

The solution to this problem is to reset or restore the BIOS settings to their default settings . How to access the BIOS does vary depending on the computer model you are using.

  1. Enter BIOS .
  2. Move to the Exit section .
  3. Select Load Setup Defaults .
  4. Select Load Setup to Default .
  5. Press Enter .
  6. Next, press F10 .
  7. Select Yes .
  8. The computer will restart and the BIOS settings have returned to the default settings .
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2. Restart Laptop

The simplest way to fix a laptop loading operating system error is to restart the laptop.

This method also applies to PC.

Try restarting several times to prove whether or not this method works. If it fails, don’t force it. Try the next method.

3. Check Power Cable

Instability and electrical disturbances make the power supply to computers, especially laptops, not optimal. This can cause the loading error problem to appear.

Check the power cable first. Is the cable installed properly or maybe the power cable is the problem.

Another thing to check is the electrical stability of the plug where your computer is.

4. Replace HDD

Hard disk problems, namely bad sectors can be the source of this problem. The way to deal with loading operating system errors related to this is of course by checking the hard drive.

Frequent power cuts when the computer is in use or an old hard drive can cause problems with the hard drive.

The solution, like it or not, must be replaced with a new one. Otherwise, yes will continue and so on.

5. Windows Recovery System

If the cause of the loading operating system error is due to corrupted system files, then performing a system recovery can solve this problem.

Please do the recovery using the installation DVD with the same Windows version.

6. Reinstall Windows

All solutions have been tried but still fail, what next to do? Inevitably you have to reinstall Windows on your PC or laptop.

This method is a very effective last resort and can solve various problems in the boot process.

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The 6 methods above are solutions that have been tested and proven to work.

The error problem on the Windows operating system can be lost. Hope it works for you!