How to Get Spotify Premium for Free or Cheap

Spotify is the streaming music service that is most used in our country, and although it has a free version with many limitations, it is also possible to have Spotify Premium cheaper , so stay and read this article, because we will tell you how have cheaper Spotify Premium.

There are several ways that exist to have Spotify cheaper , because there are different plans that will make you pay less and thus have access to all the functions of the music streaming app, where we can listen to millions of songs for a price lower than that of the Spotify basic premium subscription.

How much does Spotify Premium currently cost? It is a question that everyone asks before acquiring a premium account , well the current plan of a single account with Spotify Premium can be purchased for a price of 9.99 euros per month , so per year we would be paying 119 , 88 euros, so you see the a lot of money, but we will teach you how to pay less.

Spotify Duo Plan

Spotify offers several plans or modalities to obtain its premium version, one of them is the Duo plan , with which you can create 2 accounts for people who live under the same roof, that is, couples or friends.

The price of this plan is 12.99 euros per month , but since it is paid between two people, each one would only be paying a price of 6.5 euros per month since they are already almost 3.5 euros less than the usual 9, 99 euros.

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Spotify Family Plan

The Family Plan is very similar to the Duo, but in this case it is intended for families who live in the same house. This plan offers up to 6 accounts for a price of 15.99 euros per month. In this case, the savings are even greater, but meeting the requirement that 6 members live in the same house is complicated.

The monthly price with the Spotify Family Plan would become 2.65 euros per month, as you can see it is a more than acceptable price and represents a significant saving per year, since we would only pay 32 euros per person.

Spotify Student Plan

Spotify offers university students who meet a series of Spotify Premium requirements for very little money, only 4.99 euros per month , this option is still a saving, but we will have to provide documentation that accredits us as a student.

The annual price of this plan involves an expense of 60 euros , so this is another option, but as we have said, we must meet the requirement of being a student and duly accredit it.

Create a Spotify account in the Philippines

No, we don’t have to travel to the Philippines, but it seems that creating an account there and paying for the premium version only costs 6 euros a year , yes, you read that correctly, 6 euros a year is a very small expense to be able to enjoy Spotify Premium. But it has some cons.

In order to create a Spotify account in the Philippines we will have to use a VPN, so that the Spotify server believes that we are there, it is a somewhat tedious process and in most cases we will have to pay for a VPN service , although there are VPNs free with which we can do it.

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Pay less for Spotify Premium with Movistar

If you are a Movistar customer, you can be in luck, because you can have Spotify Premium for only 6 euros per month , which represents a saving of 3.99 euros, but this promotion has a small trap, as it is only valid for customers prior to the November 30, 2015 and its duration is only 2 years.

If you meet this requirement, you are in luck, and if not, we have already told you several ways to have Spotify Premium cheaper and thus enjoy millions of songs wherever you are and also without the need for an Internet connection or ads.