How to Open Docx files

Many of the people are aware of .docx files and how to open them using Microsoft products such as Microsoft word 2007 but not many people have MS word 2007 installed on their PC,so here is a round up on how to open docx files & docx documents without using Microsoft word 2007.

Open Docx by downloading Compatibility Pack

Microsoft Compatibility pack helps you to open and save docx documents which can be downloaded from here and is of course,free to download! So far this is the convenient method suggest by the Microsoft team to open docx format files.

Open Docx Using Online Converter

Firstly you need to convert your docx file into other formats and then you can view the files using old version of Microsoft word or any text viewer.Here are the following online converters

Docx to Pdf Format – Zamzar – Perhaps the widely used converter which will convert your docx to Pdf,docx to dpc and text file.Just upload your .docx document and choose the file extension to get the converted file.Open the file in adobe reader (For pdf) or any other text document viewer.

Docx to Doc Format – This website follows the same procedure as Zamzar.Note that they also have a paid option but still they convert the files.So make sure you don’t pay money for converting your docx files online.

View Docx Files using Software

Word Viewer – Download Word Viewer freeware which will allow you to view DOCX as well as Word Macro-Enabled (*.docm) documents.Use these ways only when downloading the compatibility pack doesn’t help you to open the docx file format.

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Docx to Rtf – This desktop freeware,docx converter helps you to open docx file by converting it into rtf or PDF format so that the need of installing  MS Word 2007 is eliminated.The software retrieves basic text format from docx file by opening them in window embedded within the software.

Download Docx2Rtf