HTC Touch Modding and HTC Touch Personalization [How to Tutorial]

HTC Touch series phones are not new, and hence there should be a pretty good number of users for it out there. And this is for all HTC fans out there who are looking for some modding and personalization help.

The HTC interface allows what they call the Make It Mine feature, where the menu buttons can be customized, but sometimes, if we want to access functions that not included in the list, then its impossible to set ‘em using the in-built function.

How to: HTC Touch Modding and Personalization

Although the device’s interface is powered by HTC Sense, the back end, as we very well know, is powered by Windows Mobile® 6.5 Professional. And this Windows Mobile OS is not known for speed but functionality.


So sometimes, especially when you have a lot of programs installed and many programs running simultaneously, accessing more other functions can be a real issue. In fact, and I am sure of it, many of us see that the menu doesn’t load, and it takes a lot of time access one of the sub menus in HTC touch Phones.

In situations like this, accessing the sub menu or a function in the sub menu directly- can lead to a lot of saving of processing and time as is obvious because the processing needed to display the menu is not present, and so is the need to display the sub menu, in case a function is accessed. Well that was a bit technical (or confusing?).

What I meant is that, to create a message by accessing the “create new message” function, you can save time and processing by directly accessing or calling the function, right? So here’s a cool trick to achieve that.

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This HTC touch modding and personalization tutorial might and would usually work on any Windows Mobile, but it has been confirmed to work on HTC Touch phones, especially because HTC loves its Make It Mine features.

Assuming that you want to create a shortcut to call the function New SMS then do this:

  • Create a empty text file
  • Paste the following into the text file: 20#”\Windows\tmail.exe”-service “SMS” –to ““-body””
  • Now save and close the text file
  • Change the text file extension from .txt to .lnk
  • Using the HTC phone’s file manager or any other similar application, go to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  • You will see couple of files. Take the file you created and put it there.

Understand that the name you give to the .lnk file comes out as the name on the menu. So if you want to give the link the name New SMS put that in the file’s name. Cool, and sleek, hah. Try this and let me know if you like it.