How to Open and Play .RAM File on Mac

If you are unable to open .RAM file, which is a file type associated with RealNetworks, then there’s little to worry as there are several ways to open and play these files on your Mac computer. Media management software like RealPlayer for Mac can instantly play .RAM (or .RM) files without you having to sweat bullets.

However, at times, downloading Real Player to play a single file may not be worth your time. In such cases, you can always use codecs to extend your default media player’s functionality.

In other words, you can try Real Player alternatives, which can not only play .RAM files but also open and play a variety of media-related files. There exist such softwares and are available free of charge. They are your all-in-one solution for managing media files on your Mac.

I’m talking about the tool most of you are familiar with, which is  — you guessed it — VLC Media Player. If you want to open a .RAM broken file, launch VLC. If you want to play dozens of .MP3, .MP4, .RAM, etc. files, VLC is there for you. VLC can play and open .RAM file on your Mac, Windows, and Linux. VLC does everything.

This player invariably stacks on top of the best media player list, and not only does it play files of any format, but thanks to the compassionate developers, VLC can also fix corrupted video files. If you want to open .RAM file, simply right click on the file and open with VLC Player.

In my testing, Mplayer fails to play the .RAM file, but VLC is able to play even the broken, partially-downloaded .RAM files smoothly.

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