Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer could have a new owner: Apple or Netflix


The commitment to new content could be behind Netflix and Apple’s interest in taking over Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the North American film production and distribution company par excellence. The mythical lion that announces each of its productions, could soon have a new lair judging by the rumors that already began at the end of last year.

Last December all eyes were focused on Apple, she was then the main candidate to manage the lion production company. This was published in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, ensuring that the operation was already in the making.

This week it was the CNBC television channel that reported that both Netflix and Apple would have had the first contact with the production company. Something that does not take anyone by surprise, since both would have reasons to do so.

Apple, for its part, seeks to breakthrough in new sectors. A good example of this is Apple TV +, with which it seeks to gain a foothold in streaming content platforms. At the moment, its content has been somewhat scarce for a more demanding audience, both in quantity and quality.

Netflix would try to stop, with this operation, the plummet it is having in subscribers. The competition does not stop growing, and in turn, creating new products, many of them personalized. This is the case, for example, of Disney +, in which tailor-made packages can be contracted. HBO will premiere on May 1 in the US its service called Max, aimed at the youngest public in the family.

Both Netflix and Apple, therefore, have plenty of reasons to want to get the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, we will have to wait to see who takes the lead. Meanwhile, a large number of existing platforms try to retain subscribers and create content that attracts new customers.

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