Free apps to Track Android Mobile Phones

In case if you are a cell phone maniac then you will definitely know that Android is the hot topic these days, and the ones who own Androids appear to be the most up-to-dated species among the population — oh yes, Android OS is currently better than iOS. Now I assume that you might also own an Android handset. But what happens after spending quite a lot of your hard earned money on your new Android smartphone, and you lose it one fine morning? I know that the obvious reaction of most of you will be, “Oh my God!”

While you can always stop me with these earth-shattering shrieks, you cannot overrule what is the naked truth. Thus, there is actually no magical means by which you can make your pricy Android phone immune against loss. But you should never mind at all as long as you have a convenient option with you that will be able to trace out your Android phone and return it back to you. If you are giving a great sigh of relief now, you must educate yourself about the free apps that will track down your mobile phone conveniently without letting your money get drained hopelessly.

Here are some of the best yet free apps to track Android phones. You can also let us know your favorites through the comment section below. Let’s get started:

1. App: Lost Phone

Now this software may sound like it is giving a firm command to you.  Practically, its principle of operation is as firm as it sounds. Just think exactly what you think of doing whenever your Android gets misplaced or stolen – you die to lock it for good so that it does not fall into wrong hands who will fidget with all the vital data stored in your set, misuse the same and finally throw away the original SIM in order to replace his own stuff. This is exactly when you will finally lose all primary contacts with your lost Android.


But again, this is the time when Lock Phone probes in. All you need to do is to go to the official site and download the software for free. Now install it in your set and make it protected. When you lose your Droid, you will get the advantage of sending SMS to the gadget and lock it before a rogue plays havoc with it. You can even locate the present geographic location of your lost Android by sending SMS to the same with another gadget where this software has already been installed. A bonus on this is that you can set the Android to a ear-shattering ringtone by sending SMS. Thus, you can trace the current location of your phone from this ringtone and retrieve it.

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Besides these Do-It-Yourself measures, this app also serves an additional purpose. Whenever it detects a SIM change, it automatically locks your Android and simultaneously sends SMS to all the contacts in your phone book in order to initiate them about the SIM change and the new number. This is an automatic function that comes in great aid when someone tries to insert his SIM into the same without your knowledge.

Download Lost Phone [Google Play Store link]

2. App: Where’s my Droid


Ask this free software, “Where’s my Droid?” and your Android will be right in front of you. This is literally what it appears from the name and operational details of this software.  The makers claim that it was the first of its kind for Android users’ convenience, and is getting better and better with time.  It uses the GPS technology for doing the operation.

Beside the most important function of setting a high volume ringer tone to your Android device from a remote distance in order to make it traceable, it also makes use of the GPS coordinates of your device to show its current location in the Google Map. Thus, you can rush to the site and retrieve it. Thus, this free app gives you the advantage of tracking your Droid device from any position in the globe, either with a text message or with the help of the online Commander. But make it a point to install this app in your set as soon as you buy it in order to enjoy its benefits in the unfortunate situations.

Download Where’s my Droid [Google Play Store link]

3. App: Plan B


While most of the software suggest that you must install the same as soon as you buy an Android, what if you forgot to install one and your Droid got lost? With plab b you can smile wide once again. You need to download this free app into your lost Android after you lose it!

If this appears really amusing, let me tell you that this software will work as your last resort, your cynosure in retrieving your much-loved gadget.  It will take you exactly to the spot where your lost phone is lying – whether it is switched on or switched off!

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Download Plan b [Google Play Store link]

4. App: Android Lost


If you have already installed this free app in your Android, you can remain tension free even when it gets lost! Why? – Because it will hardly matter whether it has fallen into the wrong hands or lying ‘orphaned’ in a gutter, you can control it even from a remote location.  You can access the net or send SMS for the purpose and you will e able to read all the sent and received messages in your lost Droid, erase the data in the SD card and even lock the phone in order to prevent its misuse.

If you are still waiting for something extra, here they are. You can locate the lost Droid’s latest location by tracing its GPS setting and network location. You can also set alert alarm and flash light in it so that you can hear the same, reach the place and find it by tracing its vibrant light alarm.

Download Android Lost [Google Play Store link]

More Mobile Tracking Apps

Missing Droid Locator

How about it if you are able to stay connected with your Android phonebook contacts even when it gets lost or misplaced? There will simply be nothing like that! You can enjoy this never-before facility if your Droid has this free app installed in it.  With this app you can activate your missing Droid by sending SMS to it from another phone. You can even lock the lost species with your own preferred password.

If you are utterly eager about saving your stored data in the lost Android then you can always reset the factory data from a remote location. Thus, you will never lose control over your Android. Now these are definitely lucrative offers!

Download Missing Droid Location [Google Play Store link]

Lookout Mobile Security

Among all the free apps to trace lost Android, this one appears to be the most comprehensive one to me.  This is because while you can always enjoy the facility of tracing your lost Android with this app, you can also take back up of phone data from a remote location from time to time. Thus, you are at a commanding position where you can always find out what’s going on in your lost Droid!  This is indeed a gala bonus offer on the pre-existing facilities of the software. Now you will definitely like to hear the basic offers once again. So, here they are: locating your lost mobile on Google Map, activating an ‘earth-shattering’ alarm to the same from a remote location,  enabling GPS in your Droid remotely so that it remains traceable even when the GPS is turned off and locating your lost gadget by logging in to and being able to track it on the web browser.

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Download Lookout Mobile Security [Google Play Store link]

XtraSEC Phone Locator

It is never too late to ensure that your dear Droid is safe even after it gets lost. If you think that this is getting crazy, do take a look at this free app for Android.  This is a tight security suit that puts your Android on vigil when it gets lost or stolen. Its cutting edge technology helps in preventing the stored data inside your Android from falling into the grip of a third party. What more, once you install this app in your lost phone you will get an activating link in your mail account.  This will help you to track the wrong hands which have been the ‘lucky man with the stolen Android’ and help you to retrieve your device ultimately.

Download XtraSec Phone Locator [Google Play Store link]

Track my Droid

Who knows, your Android phone might have been in silent mode when it got lost! What will you do in such a situation? When you have this unique software in hand, you do not need to worry at all. Whether your pricy gadget got misplaced nearby or it was taken away by a rogue to a destination you have never imaged of, Track My Droid will help you to retrieve the current location of your phone from any other cellphone.

The most impressive feature is yet to come! As soon as you get aware of the current location of your lost Droid, you can prompt it from a remote location to send SMS to all those in your phone book contact list. They will immediately receive SMS alerts and know that you have lost your device, and the latest spot where it has been found. These unique applications just take a few clicks of buttons and cost you not more than a couple of seconds. So, this definitely a worth trying free app for tracking lost Android.

Download Track My Droid [Google Play Store link]