6 Top Tips to Enhance Your Movie-Watching Experience in UK

Have you ever wondered what is the best thing we have gotten used to by the grace of COVID-19 in UK? It’s staying at home 24/7. Do you know what else? Sitting in front of a television 24/7 because of nothing else to do. So a fun fact about me. I am what you would call a movie junkie. For every new release, I have to watch it instantly, or I will lose my mind thinking about it. 

Believe it or not, I am a homebody, and I prefer to sit at home during my years, I have perfected the art of watching television. During the countless movie marathons I have personally had while I decided to watch HBO Max in UK, I am very excited to share with you all my top 5 tips for better movie watching at home. 

1. Pick the right location:

Regardless of whether you’re watching on a laptop or a 50” LCD TV, having the right spot is super important. It should be positioned such that you don’t end up straining your neck looking up or down. Make sure the lights in the room aren’t too bright that they‘re glaring off the screen or too dim that they exert your eyes. 

If you have space, dedicate a spare room in your house where you can set up for the movie so that there are no unnecessary disturbances during it. Investing in a good quality speaker would be wise if you have company as well, it can get loud with multiple people talking and can drown out the sound of the movie.

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2. Have an Internet backup: 

I cannot tell you how many times my internet connection acted up on me during the most intense parts of a movie while streaming online. It happens to the best of us, but being proactive and having a portable internet device will come in handy in such situations. They’re not very expensive and will save you a lot of anger and frustration. One more tip while streaming online is to let the movie buffer for a while beforehand so that it runs smoothly when you start watching, you can use the good streaming service such as HBO Max, or anyother. .


3. Have good company:

Be with people who make you happy. Invite those friends who will laugh until they cry if the movie calls for it. You’re looking to have fun, so invite people who you are comfortable with. Choose wisely, though, because your choice of the movie also depends on your company. Believe me; you do not want to end up watching a sex scene with your parents in the same room.

4. Ask your friends to bring food and pillows:

Everybody has that one pillow that just hits right. Not too soft, not too hard. Ask your friends to bring over their special pillows so they can be as comfy as possible. You can also invite them to bring some snacks along. During one movie night at my house, my friends and I decided to do different charcuterie boards. There are so many options, such as cheese, chocolates, sandwiches, and crisps. It makes even junk food look fancy. 

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Make sure to choose finger foods, though, because I am sure no one wants to deal with messy hands and drippy food during a movie. 

5. Take necessary breaks:

One of the biggest downsides to watching movies in a theatre is that you do not get any breaks in between and are forced to sit through the entire movie. The cold theatre rooms and ice-cold slushies make for a very important bathroom break. 

At home, you have control and can avail the luxury of taking breaks. Go use the loo, refill your snacks and discuss any mind-boggling scenes without missing out on even a minute. 

6. Clear your head:

Before you get into the movie, make sure that you get all the stress and worry out of your head so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Having thoughts running around in your mind will disrupt the flow of the movie. Choose a time during the day when you are not preoccupied with chores or office work. Life is full of troubles and worries, and having a few fun nights are essential for us to perform to the best of our capabilities. 


Watching a movie alone is a good experience in itself, but when you bring together a group of friends to enjoy with you, it becomes a communal memory. Every individual’s opinion on the plot and their reactions to the highs and lows of a movie just add to the experience. You can also know about the ways to watch your favourite shows and movies.  So if it has been a while since you watched a blockbuster or if you just want to re-watch an old classic, feel free to incorporate some of these tips while planning a movie night.

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