Transfer Songs, Videos and Files from Mac’s iTunes Library to WP7 Device

For those who are hunting for an easy way to transfer songs, videos and sync files from your Mac’s iTunes Library to your WP7 device, Windows Phone 7 Connector is what you need. This Mac-friendly app from Microsoft brings basic media sync capability, with iTunes and iPhone integration, right on your Mac machine.

With Windows Phone 7 Connector app, one can easily sync content between iTunes Library and WP7 device without having to work yourself into a sweat. The app is straightforward, easy-to-use and does exactly what you want: transferring of media files.

And because Zune software is unavailable on Mac, consider Windows Phone 7 Connector as the toned down version of Zune — which even manages to restore backup and gaily checks for software updates.

Download Windows Phone 7 Connector

The iTunes link page of the program can be found here — you can also search “Windows Phone 7 Connector” on the Mac App Store. The app gels in fine on both Mac OS X Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion machine.


The major drawback of Windows Phone 7 Connector so far is that the app doesn’t sync calendars and contacts. Also, as one would expect, Zune marketplace is not available.


So, if you want to transfer a song, send a photo or sync any media files, Windows Phone 7 Connector is the best, and perhaps the only one of its kind, app available for the Mac OS X computers. You can also use Boot Camp software to perform sync but for a quick, easy way to initiate transferring of files, this is the app you need to use.

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Windows Phone 7 Connector supports these phones: HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Surround, HTC, HTC HD7, HTC 7 Pro, HTC 7 Trophy, Dell Venue Pro, Samsung Focus, Samsung Omnia 7, LG Optimus 7/7Q, LG Quantum, and the like.