Fixing Samsung Kies Problem on Mac OS Mountain Lion

Error message: Kies does not support Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

The latest version of Samsung Kies doesn’t work on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. I encountered the same problem last year while trying to update Kies on Lion 10.7. Fortunately, the problem was fixed: the trick was to download an older version of Samsung Kies on Mac, then update it.

The old solution still works perfectly for Mountain Lion 10.8, which means if you are not able to make Kies work on your Mac computer — be it iMac, MacBook Pro or Air — you can follow these steps:

Step 1

Download this version of Kies from Samsung’s server.

Step 2

Setup the downloaded DMG file.

Step 3

Launch Kies. Now, from the Kies menu, select Preferences.

Step 4

Click on Update tab and uncheck “Notify when updates are available.”

Step 5

Restart Kies to sync your Samsung devices on Mac. Easy, isn’t it?


Kies supported devices 1




Kies supported devices 2




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