A Google Docs Template to Play Go Board Game

Board games are a great entertainer challenging minds of both young and old. All of us at some point of time have loved playing these games with our family members and friends. I vividly remember I used to sit hours together playing Monopoly back when I was in school.

Here’s something new for those who want to play a board game online via Google Docs. How many of you have played the hugely popular Go board game? You can buy the Go wooden board game on Amazon, although this two player Chinese game can still be enjoyed using Google Docs.

Similar to playing Chess through Docs, you should follow these steps to play the Go board game:

Step 1: Go to this Google Docs page.

Step 2: Click File > Make a Copy… This should create a copy of the template into your Google Docs account. If a Copy Document window pops up, click OK.

Step 3: Click File > Share. A link appears, which you can send it to your friend.

You are also free to invite any number of people, but as you probably know that Go Board game is played by two players, you’d be better off playing with only one friend at a time.

Playing Go for the first time? Check out these two videos — Part 1 and Part 2 — to learn the basics.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • W turns the square white.
  • B turns the square black.
  • R turns the square red.
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