What Causes Skype Videos to Freeze?

Although there are a variety of problems that can cause videos to freeze, some troubleshooting guidelines can safely solve them.

System compatibility

Skype is a large program that requires a sufficient amount of memory and processor speed to run smoothly. Sharing videos often involves the use of a sufficient amount of bandwidth, so it is important for the program to work on a computer that meets the minimum system requirements. For optimal performance, use a computer with at least 1 GHz CPU and 512 MB of memory to improve the speed of displaying video and other components such as file and audio transfer.

Network connection

High-speed broadband network connections such as cable modems are more ideal for streaming video than slow network connections such as dial-up. Consequently, faster network connections are less likely to cause video especially during group video calls. For video calls, Skype recommends a minimum speed of 128kbps; however, speeds of at least 1.2Mbps are more ideal for high definition video conferencing. Testing the connections in the call window can determine if your network connection speed is fast enough to handle video calls.

Drivers and system updates

It is important to keep your computer up to date with the latest system tools, service packs, and drivers to ensure it performs optimally. Unfortunately, if your computer lacks vital updates like the latest version of DirectX for Windows computers, Skype video might freeze and the program might crash frequently. Manually editing the computer by removing files and system components, especially from the registry can cause Skype video to freeze, if the program doesn’t crash first.

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Upgrade to a higher network connection speed to improve transmission speed. If your computer does not have enough memory, close applications, especially multimedia applications, to free up memory and CPU speed. Close unnecessary browser windows and minimize the number of applications that use the Internet to increase bandwidth. Although this may not give the show a supersonic boost, it can certainly make a big difference during a video call. Avoid group video calling if the computer or network speed does not meet the minimum system requirements. The more video windows you have open, the more likely the program will freeze. Update your equipment as many times as updates are available.