Play YouTube Videos in HQ on iPhone Over 3G Connection [Tip]

Before you go berserk and blame YouTube for not playing high quality videos over 3G connection, here is the tip just for you. This simple tip will quash your frustration with YouTube and also put an end to your low-quality videos saga.


When you are watching videos over 3G network, YouTube app automatically reduces the quality of the video to save your precious bandwidth. So how do you bypass this restriction and watch HQ videos on your iPhone?

Disabling the YouTube app will do the trick!

It’s that simple. When you turn off your YouTube app, the web version of YouTube will enroll itself as the default video player and you are free to view videos in HQ.

To disable the YouTube app on your iPhone, follow this path:

Settings -> General> Restrictions -> Enable restrictions. Then turn off the YouTube option. If you want to save your 3G bandwidth (because you are on a limited 3G plan), disabling HD YouTube videos can be really useful — it also buffers video faster than before.

Note: This tip applies to iPhone users who are playing YouTube videos over 3G connection. You’ll get high quality videos by default if you are connected to Wi-Fi.

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