Best Songbird Addon Extensions

Songbird is an popular media music player — available for both Windows (also in the form of Philips Songbird) and Mac (as an opensource player) — that comes with a built-in browser and support for addons. If you have already used Songbird, you must be familiar with the range of addons and extension it provides to the community. Among them, here is the list of best Songbird addons, some of them are quite useful that makes Songbird an unique music player!


By default, songbird allows you to search music in it’s own search engine. So download the Customize google addon that will help you in adding a search bar of and also eliminate all possible advertisement from the Google page.

Twitter Updates

With live twitter, you can easily update your Twitter status which is a popular micro blogging tool used extensively over a couple of months. Get live twitter on your songbird from here.

SongBird Lyrics addon

One of my favorite and a must have addon for the Song bird player, this lyrics master displays lyrics of the song being played right now. You can also save the lyrics for offline viewing.

Display Wiki Pedia info

By installing the Wikipedia addon, you will be able to browse through the artist, song information quickly that are pulled from the official portal. Another useful addon for finding accurate information of your favorite artist.

The new search engine which has created enough buzz on the web is now available as an extension (Download). With Wolfram Alpha, you can get detailed analysis about Maths, Chemistry or any general queries right from the Songbird browser.

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Playlist Recommendation

Whenever a song is played, the addon will automatically generate a list of playlist recommendation that are similar to the song you’re listening. Quite similar to the recommendation list.

Tag Cloud Playlist


Replaces your Songbird default playlist with a tag cloud that helps in easy navigation and allows you to dig deep into the tag cloud. Get tag cloud!

Customize Songbird Skin

Personas is the addon available for Songbird that let’s you change and customize the songbird default theme to a greater extent. You can also download Firefox Personas add-on to customize the Firefox skin.

That’s it for now. I am sure, there are other best songbird addon that I might have missed in the list. If you know any of them that are going to make Songbird usage much more enjoyable then do let me know!