How to Download Videos from Vimeo

Vimeo is yet another popular video sharing website that has good high quality videos available for viewing online. You can upload various files to Vimeo, upto 1GB per file size. With a constantly improving community we have the feature to download vimeo videos and save them on the desktop directly in it’s original format. Here is a quick guide on how to download vimeo videos:

Download Videos from Vimeo

To download videos from Vimeo you don’t require any vimeo downloader tools or any video downloader app. Vimeo provides legal download from it’s own website, you have to choose the video, click on the download link.

It’s is pretty simple actually, firstly register an basic vimeo account from the sign up page and after confirmation you can download the videos directly without any hassle.

Go to the videos page (click on the title of the video to navigate to the video page) and then on the right sidebar you will find videos in different formats for download. You have to log in to your Vimeo basic free account to download vimeo videos, and apart from that there are no other requirements!

You can download 5 video files from Vimeo with a basic free account everyday and I believe it’s more than enough!

If you are unable to find the download video link on Vimeo video page then chances are that you haven’t registered an account or you are not on the video page. Again, here is a video that explains clearly for downloading videos from Vimeo. I hope this helps

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