Download Free Megaupload Download Manager

Megaupload which is another Rapidshare alternative for online file storage requires a toolbar to download in many countries. Though there are many tricks to download from megaupload without the use of toolbar but Megaupload also provides Megaupload download Manager which lets you manage, upload and download files on Megaupload quite easily.

This desktop application is free and of course to upload the files you do not have to register. Megaupload Download Manager offers resumable uploads which are 6 times faster.

This Megaupload File manager is available for both free and Premium users but it is better to use it only when you have a premium account password because Companies like Megaupload often have a catch for free user download 😛

The free user cannot bypass the Megaupload download limit but you can still use it for managing and uploading your files on megaupload. I have also written an article on how to get a “Megaupload Premium account” for free on this blog, so make a search and if you are lucky you will get a premium Megaupload account legally.

Download Megaupload Download Manager from here — it’s the latest version and works only on windows platform. Another alternative program I’d suggest is Jdownloader.

Jdownloader Download Manager

Jdownloader (Download from here) is another file downloader software which supports Mac, Linux and Windows OS — it’s completely free to download.

Moreover it also manages Rapidshare links and downloads them — Jdownloader is one of the useful tool for any user who wants to download several files from Rapidshare and Megaupload. Probably integration of search engine to search Rapidshare, Megaupload files would have been good! May be we can see expect such features very soon.

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The interface is quite neat and if you go through the documentation, then you will be able to setup addons. For instance, there are addons that can automatically extract contents of a .rar file; IRC chat integration addon; and auto shut down after the download is completed. Check this list of addon for Jdownloader!

Ability to download and uploader files to Filefactory, Deposit files, Rapidshare and Netload makes Jdownloader a sophisticated download manager