Lightning Dock: A Simple Charging Dock for iPhone 5

Charging dock (or dock station) of your old iPhone 4S/4, iPod or iPad cannot be used with the new iPhone 5, and the reason for this is simple: iPhone 5 has a new 8-pin connector (also called as adapter or Lightning) while all the old Apple devices had a universal 30-pin connector (photo).

Apple will not be launching a dock charger anytime soon, which leaves iPhone 5 users desperately craving for a solution. Fortunately, a third-party manufacturer called Lightning Dock has come up with a dock charger that is designed exclusively for iPhone 5’s 8-pin connector.

Available in three variants — anodized aluminum, anodized black and birch hardwood — this Lightning dock can hold iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5th gen) devices firmly. Even if your device is decorated with cases and bumper, you don’t have to remove them to charge your iPhone 5.

Lightning Dock is the first iPhone 5 dock from a third-party manufacturer.

The Lightning Dock’s hardwood version costs $24.95, while the remaining two docks costs $34.95 each. You can pre-order this charging dock through the Lightning Dock’s website.

Problems with Lightning Dock Station:

iPhone 5′s connector is 80% smaller than the old one, and I believe it’d have been fantastic if Lightning Dock could support the old connector as well because, in all honesty, we all need a universal dock.

Let’s say you have an iPhone 5 and iPod Touch, and if you are buying Lightning dock, you will then have to buy another dock station for the rest of your Apple products (assuming you don’t have one already).

Even if you have a dock for your old Apple products, you will be having two dock stations then: one for your iPhone 5 and another for the remaining of your Apple products. As usual, using both the docks will clutter your desk.

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Yes, there is a cable connector that converts 30-pin to 8-pin connector (available on Apple Store and also on Lightning Dock’s website) but that simply adds up to your expense. To conclude, the Lightning Dock is designed only for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th gen, but we wish there was a slot to plug in the old connector which is still used by a significant portion of people.