Alexa travels with you: Amazon Echo Auto is already in Spain

Echo Auto

Americans were the first to learn about Amazon Echo Auto , Bezos’s company’s bid to compete with Apple and Google.

Echo Auto, is a further step in the introduction of Alexa in the operation of different devices, as has happened with watches, speakers or plugs. Now it is the turn of our vehicle, Alexa arrives to make our trips more enjoyable.

The price of Echo Auto is 59.99 and is already available on the Amazon Spain website and in MediaMarkt.

For its operation, we just have to connect it to the Alexa app on our phone, the car speakers will be the ones that give us the result of what we ask for. The connection can be established through Bluetooth or with the auxiliary audio input. To place it in the vehicle, it includes a bracket that is placed on the ventilation grille.

The 8 microphones that come standard, allow him to hear you even when the ambient noise is high. In case you don’t want to be heard, you can disable the microphones with the push of a button.

Among the tasks that we can entrust you during our trips, are the review of our appointments, that you make calls or that you put our favorite music lists. Through Drop-In we can connect with the compatible devices that we have at home or at work so that they start or stop working, for example.

Discover Skills, a way to make the most of Alexa with a kind of applications that allow you to have fun with different games or listen to sounds that relax you when you need it.

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Weighing approximately 45 grams, it is very easy to set up through the Alexa app and to use. It is necessary to verify that Echo Auto is compatible with our vehicle and with our telephone. In case they cannot be connected via audio cable or Bluetooth, a cassette adapter, for example, or an FM transmitter can be used.

For it to start working we must make sure that when we turn on the car, the phone has the volume turned on and the audio input selected. Start enjoying the company of Alexa on your travels, you will never have to travel alone.