Buying And Selling PSJailbreak? Sony Files Lawsuit over PSJailbreak Device Owners

While the good news for Sony PS3 owner comes in the form of PSJailbreak Modchip but this can also put our PS3 in jeopardy  – being online with the jailbreak could result in a ban.

PSJailbreak actually means more sales to Sony, but Sony wouldn’t take this for granted! So, Sony will now be filing lawsuit over PSJailbreak due to which the PSJailbreak shipments have officially been canceled. Sony Europe has imposed an injunction on any person selling and buying the PSJailbreak devices.

And in Australia, the federal court has ordered both the online retailers: Quantronics and Ozmodchips, to halt the distribution of PSJailbreak.

Also the firmware upgrade is likely to be in works that patches the jailbreak. Although hard to predict where this PSJailbreak-Sony issue goes next but Sony are handling the situation very well to protect its consumer and the intellectual property of the content on the PS3 system.

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