Honor moves to MediaTek 5G processors

Honor moves to MediaTek 5G

Honor and Huawei’s problems with the United States government seem endless. We now learn from Zhao Ming, President of Honor, that the company plans to work with MediaTek for its future 5G launches. The United States continues to put Honor work to work with chips made or that use American technology. In this way, Honor, seeking some relief, has decided to change to the Taiwanese company MediaTek as a processor supplier and not depend so much on what the US says, with Donald Trump as the visible head.

Currently, MediaTek is gaining ground on Qualcomm with its new Dimensity chips that offer great power at reduced prices. In addition to being an economical option for those manufacturers looking to offer 5G connectivity at a good price.

The current market for mobile processors is dominated by Qualcomm, but MediaTek in the last year has significantly improved the image and quality of its products, managing to stand up to its rival. Honor’s move to MediaTek may be another endorsement of the company’s good work.

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