HTML5 Awesomeness With Chrome Browser and Arcade Fire

We all know that the future of browsing lies with HTML5 and also that Google is doing its bit in educating people how powerful this HTML technology is. And now there is actual proof of the amazing video, audio and graphics rendering capability of HTML5. Google Chrome browser and Arcade Fire have just created a video which will tell you what HTML5 is all about.

This video is called The Wilderness Downtown and is directed by Chris Milk. The song ‘We Used to Wait’ plays in the background. This one-of-a-kind interactive video may be just a unique music video to some, but make no mistake – this is a showcase of what HTML5 technology has to offer.


To enjoy the video, visit this link from your Google chrome browser and type in your old house address (where you grew up). This triggers a video of a guy running in a hooded t-shirt. Then various windows pop up on screen, while Google Maps and Street View images of the address you typed in are integrated into the video.

One word of warning: the video is quite taxing on the processor and you may want to close all other applications before starting it up.

The entire video is rendered by HTML5, with the new windows popping up to the beats of the song. Sounds awesome, right? Just check it out once and you will not be able to hold back on the praise!

The graphics are quite amazing. For example, check out the superimposed images of birds over the bird’s eye view of your old dwelling and the animated trees on the Street View image. The experience is made complete with the ability to write a note to your ‘childhood self’ and even paint a picture using beautiful HTML5 fonts and powerful drawing tools. Arcade Fire will use these drawings and notes in their future concerts, so pour your heart into your creations!

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This video is meant to establish HTML5’s credentials as the most interactive browser today. The multi-paneled views are a completely new way of web-browsing and the use of the browser as a background is unique too!