Latest Web Browser Stats 2010: Who’s Leading and Who’s Lagging?

The latest statistics about web browsers are out now. And the big news is that despite all the ‘doomsday is nigh’ predictions about the Microsoft Internet Explorer, it has actually grown in terms of market share, and that too for three months in a row now. On the other hand Mozilla Firefox has lost ground to the Explorer.

As per these stats (provided by Net Applications) the market share of Internet Explorer grew by 0.42% in July 2010, and it now commands a whopping 60.74% of the entire browser pie.


Firefox, quite radically has lost 0.9% of its market share, while the up and coming Googke Chrome browser has lost 0.08% of its share. The Safari browser has quietly gone about its job despite putting users data in danger and gained 0.24% of the market.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 browser is Leading..

These stats are a slap in the face for those who were quick to write off the Internet Explorer browser, when the Firefox came to the forefront. Firefox is no doubt a fast and smart browser and together with the Google-backed Chrome, has provided great options to netizens starved of choice when it comes to web browsers.

But it must not be forgotten that the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still has a huge advantage, because it comes bundled with all Windows operating systems. And though it had been losing a lot of market share for the past few years (which led to the obituaries and the ‘good riddance’ jibes) it was always going to bounce back.

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And bounce back it has, with the Internet Explorer 8 matching the Firefox and Google Chrome in every way possible. And then of course the Internet Explorer 9 now looms in the horizon, which promises to be a fast and hardware accelerated and also provide support for open standards. The advantage gained by Firefox and Chrome by offering speed, extension capacity and html 5 support, to their users, appears to be dwindling fast!

The Internet Explorer 8 marketing campaign, which promotes the browser as the most secure among all browsers, has no doubt helped boost its profile. And if the Explorer 9 is actually as good a product as it is being touted to be, Firefox and Chrome will have some serious strategizing to do!