The personal data of 533 million Facebook users is leaked

personal data of 533 million Facebook

The personal data of 533 million Facebook users have been leaked in an Internet forum, being accessible to anyone who wants to download it. In the file that stores these data, they can be found from names and surnames, telephone numbers, addresses, or dates of birth along with other sensitive data. The truth is that all this information had already been leaked before, but it is now that it can be accessed for free. Last January it had already been posted on the Internet, although on that occasion you had to pay for it.

Of the 533 million filtered users, about 10 million belong to Spanish users, although account data from more than 50 different countries can also be found. The record is taken by the United States with 32 million accounts, followed far behind by the United Kingdom with 11 million.

The passwords of these accounts have not been filtered, although it is recommended that they be changed to avoid greater evils.

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