Norton will offer the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies on your laptop with Norton 360

The fever for cryptocurrencies does not seem to have when it will end, and it is that to the price fluctuations that it has had in the last time, it is now added that several companies want to make mining of these a little easier each time.

Thus, through an official statement , Norton has said that Norton 360 will soon offer us the possibility of mining Ethereum, highlighting that users will no longer have to search in dark places on the web for these purposes, since now they can do everything from Norton 360 .

They have also announced that they plan that the coins we mine will go to their own Norton Wallet, which is cloud-based and that it will even have a button to link directly to coinbase to make transactions even easier.

This seems like great news, but it opens up some doubts, since the environmental impact that this can have is very great, in addition to opening a door that is difficult to close, since the GPU of your computer will be using electricity at all hours practically and the hardware of your equipment may be depleted from mining, so it’s best to take this with a bit of caution.

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