Running Adsense With Autoblogs? Google Officially Bans Auto Content Generating Blogs

According to the latest news put forth by the Google Adsense team, blogs and websites that automatically scrape off content snippet from different websites will be weeded out of the Adsense program. This crucial step has been initiated to ensure control over the content quality on the web and to reduce the stuffed search results.

Autoblogs and duplicated content websites have been around for some time now, and to be on the safer side, these sites are compelled to remove the Adsense code; otherwise the ban hammer would be swung hard on your Adsense account.

The ban from the Adsense program has been initiated for numerous reasons. Firstly, advertisers lose money by advertising through Adwords on autoblogs. And the second reasoning is the duplicate content generation, which is against the webmasters quality guidelines. The web has been cluttered with fake blogs pulling off feeds and plagiarized content with the intent to profit. So, by banning their Adsense account, such autoblogs and websites will grind to a halt.


Either way, autoblogs and duplicate content websites are going to be nailed on the wall. Of course there are exceptions, but simply scraping off content from websites is going to keep your Adsense account in the danger zone. So, autobloggers will be better off by shutting down the website, or removing the Adsense code from their autoblogs network.

Also, of late, there has been counterfeiting outfit in the local news and manipulation of search results. Most of these autoblog news sites serve no purpose, and perhaps will be banished from the search results. However, even legitimate news aggregator that pulls information may be worried sick because of this announcement.

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Given the fact that Google is the biggest player on the internet, Google will be able to identity the legitimate websites from that of the duplicated and automated content generating websites. They may weed out auto content sites from search results and end their venture with the Adsense program forever!