Toshiba stops making laptops

Toshiba stops making laptops

Toshiba, the company that was once one of the best laptop brands, if not the best, says goodbye to this market that has given it so much success.


News that comes after a name change operation that did not catch on among consumers, who punished the maneuver with few purchases. Dynabook, the company under whose signature the laptops were now marketed, passes into the hands of Sharp, which has acquired 19% of the shares of the same that still belonged to the mythical Toshiba.


In 1986 Toshiba landed in the laptop market becoming the first Japanese company to do so; After more than 35 years of success, the company announced the sale of 80% of its personal computers division to its compatriot Sharp.


The arrival of tablets and smartphones marked the end of an era, laptops were no longer the most comfortable to carry, leaving many manufacturers at the expense of their ability to reinvent themselves. A reinvention that seems to have not arrived for the manufacturer Toshiba that finally gives its final goodbye to the market of personal computers.


If in your drawers there is a Toshiba brand laptop, you know that it has become an heirloom, who knows if in a few years it can give you joy.

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