Patch Doesn’t Work For Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta

Windowsette, an italian blog has come up with an patch and direct download link for the Windows live essentials Wave 4 beta which is already making abuzz on the internet.

The essential wave package contains a lot of windows live products including the very popular windows live messenger 2010. Although I don’t use live product tools more often, but due to the fact that they are highly anticipated product from Windows, I had to give it a shot!


The download link comes from the italian blog (link) which is 126mb in size when unzipped and contains an xml file along with Windows live installer setup. You can download the patch from Mediafire given in the blog post link.

The Problem With Windows Live Essential Wave – Patch doesn’t work?

After downloading Windows live essential, I wasn’t able to run the setup and figured out the patch did not work for most of the people. The error message that was encountered – setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

I also found out another supposed to be working patch (download from here, extract and replace it with the original file in your installed folder. Tell me if this works?)

I did make every possible effort to make Windows live essential to work on my pc, and the patch didn’t do any good (as read on other web sources) whereas some of the people are happy with the patch.. maybe, its the compatibility issue on windows XP?

Also, the beta of windows live essentials can be used only if you have the beta testers login and password. Wish I could get this work.. in anyway, I can wait till the official stable windows live essentials are out officially :)

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