With the continuous and growing evolution of the Internet, almost most sectors of activity are setting out to conquer this innovation. To evolve and stay in the race, the world of pharmacy and parapharmacy is also interested in the virtual world, hence the creation of the online pharmacy concept. The purchase of medicine on the internet  sometimes involves risks that can allow the acquisition of expired, counterfeit products, etc. To limit this risk, it is therefore preferable to be familiar with the various mechanisms that regulate these online platforms. To avoid the risks, we should always prefer the authentic website such as Canada Drugs. It is therefore necessary to know the definition and explanations concerning these sites.


Online pharmacy sells medicines and via an official website. Unlike the classic version, it is less conventional and much freer. Because of this, it must submit to certain stricter obligations. It can only market non-prescription drugs and must obtain authorization from the designated health authorities. These requirements aim to guarantee consumer safety and prevent the circulation of counterfeit medicines. That is why there are authorized online pharmacies.


Online pharmacy is a very strict activity because of the risks and the importance of its scope for health. It is governed by very precise and concrete legislation.

Indeed, each entity of this size must have in hand the approval of the ARS. The activity of online sale of non-prescription drugs is only reserved for licensed pharmacists. To open their platform, they must have a pharmacy or join a physical pharmacy approved in turn by the Order of Pharmacists.

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After the legalization of the activity, pharmacists wishing to open an online sales site will have to consider the costs associated with the creation of the platform. In order to cover any liability claims, they must also take out medical insurance. As this activity has several legislative requirements, it is advisable for each pharmacist to hire a lawyer. In this case, the latter’s mission is to ensure compliance with all the rules in force. Expenses related to the creation of an online site also include advertising costs, employee salaries and other administrative costs such as site maintenance.


Like all forms of online sales platforms, the online pharmacy publishes on its interfaces, according to the headings, a list of non-prescription drugs and parapharmaceutical products. Before placing the order, Internet users must complete a registration form. They can create an account in their name on the site and become an official customer. They must therefore provide certain information concerning their identity, their address or their age. After filling in the form, they can automatically access the list of medicines, organized according to the available headings. They can now place their order or seek professional advice. To acquire their order, consumers will have two choices. It is indeed possible to collect the drugs from the on-site pharmacy or to use the delivery service. The cost of the latter is calculated according to the place of residence of the patient. To build customer loyalty, some platforms cover all delivery costs when the price of the goods has reached a threshold set beforehand.

For the safety of their customers, the online pharmacy is developing some restrictions. The sale of medicines is therefore reserved for customers over the age of 16. The quantity of each order only provides for short-term processing, that is, for a maximum of 1 month. In case of force majeure, customers can override these regulations, but they must provide valid explanations or provide themselves with a medical prescription.

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The online pharmacy is not always all rosy and simple. Thanks to the freedom it enjoys, it could camouflage harmful health risks. Indeed, there are platforms on the Net that are not certified or that sell fraudulent products. Thus, consumers are advised to only rely on trusted and authorized sites. They are required to ask the site administrator if necessary for their accreditation or the guarantee of their credibility if this does not appear on their interface.

Also valid for the online purchase of medicines or parapharmaceuticals, the delivery time and the cost of transport are not insignificant criteria. For some sites, the delivery could take a long time and the transport costs could be exorbitant. In this case, the ideal would be to make the purchase at once and identify the sites that offer free deliveries from a certain amount. This saves more money and avoids waiting since the order thus becomes a priority.