Prediction of Future Television Technology

Cisco IBSG interviewed over 50 television experts, and now they have 10 solid reasons why you won’t recognize your Television in the future, all thanks to the blistering growth of the technology around us.

Get PDF file. Watch the video on how TV will change in the near future:


From Cisco:

Imagine watching television with no channels, no remote control, perhaps not even a TV set. You might catch the news on the bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth, and then check sports scores after work on the family-room window. If a football game really captures your interest, you could watch the action from any perspective you choose—the end zone, on the 50-yard line, or even in the middle of the huddle. During the commercial break, the irresistible aroma of pizza wafting from the TV might compel you to click on the logo and order a large double cheese right from the screen.

The ability to drive my hands into the television set and chomp off those cookies, that too for free, is going to create unemployment. You know why. On the brighter side, this will eliminate poverty.

What do you think? Can technology drift to such heights in the next 5 years?

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