6 Application to Encrypt your PDF file and Protect From Others

PDF files are popular format which lets you view .pdf format files easily.You can use open source pdf reader to read PDF files,you can also easily edit pdf files online for free.

If you have some important files which you would like to share with your beloved friends  then you have to set a password,so that only the person who have that passwords/access can view the files.This is encryption and the reverse process refers to decryption.Similarly PDF files can be encrypted!

So Here are some of the Application to encrypt PDF documents :

1. PDF redirect – PDF ReDirect is a fast, free easy to use encrypt PDF files. It has no restrictions, no watermarks, no spyware, no adware, no pop-up advertisements. The Feature Of PDF redirect also includes PDF creator, full merging and PDF full preview.Currently supports 9 languages.Highly recommended!

2. Iron Key – Iron Key is a application for encrypting files like PDF and other format,so that you can exchange via Internet.Simple to use,just name your password for the file and send it to your colleagues or anyone,it can decrypt if your fiends know the password.Using the latest feature you can  delete files after encryption with the integrated file shredder.

3. File2file  – Though the licensed copy costs 15$,you can try the demo version for free.Their are no backdoors in this application.Very Intuitive and simple password protection.File2file also have Strong encryption and decryption of files and directory trees.

4. Encrypt PDF 2.1 – A small simple PDF encrypt program.Very easy to set permissions,add users and encrypt files.

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5. PDF encryptor 2.50 –  Encrypting your PDF files with 128-bit strength user and owner passwords, set all permissions,preventing the  PDF files from being shared,printed, changed, copied, extracted, signed or merged is the task of PDF encryptor. It has easy to use interface.

6. PDF 24 – The 100% free PDF Software created by PDF24.org,works with all Windows Programs.You can password protect your existing PDF-files (Encrypt) ,create PDF files,split,re arrange them with ease.Also If you have your logo of your blog or any other picture then you create your own personalized version.. Download PDF 24 now!