Four Easy Ways to Send Fax From Internet For Free

Sending fax online has been beneficial. Owning a fax machine or going to a nearby fax shop can be kind of expensive and not essential when you are sending only a single fax to someone. If you are making money by serving ads of adbrite, voxant or commission junction then you have to submit a fax with your personal information which is a hectic work.

Here comes the use of Internet which helps you to send fax across the world for free. With free faxing being an preliminary importance let’s look into some of the service that offers free internet faxing.

1. – (“Drop-ee-o”) website lets you fax Word documents, PDF files via Internet to any phone number in the United States for free. It has 4 simple steps

  • Name your drop (
  • Upload media – Upload any .doc or pdf file
  • Choose settings
  • Drop it – Submit the fax to 10 digit US number.

2. Gujrat4u – This is a Indian website which provides facility to fax anything worldwide for free. I haven’t tried this but it looks convincing, to submit the file you have to make use of a fax number which must include

  • Country code
  • Area code
  • Fax number

Example – To send a fax to India you have to use – +91(country code)-11(area code)-5497431(Fax number) So it must look something like this +91-11-5497431.Pretty simple!

3. Freefax – You can send fax anywhere in the world using freefax, also there is no requirement to be a registered member to send fax but if you become a member then you can receive faxes by email, create custom fax sheet and create a group faxing as well.

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The network is entirely supported by advertising and therefore they afford to send fax for free via Internet. After your fax has been delivered you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the server that sent the fax.


4. Faxzero This service sends fax to US/Canada, I like the Kudos section where people leave their message about the excellent service of Fax zero. Their are 641,125 fax sent till now.

You can fax a maximum of two times per day and each fax must not be more then 3 pages. Also if you pay 1.99$ then their will be no ads on the cover page(optional). Definitely worth giving a try! Why use Paid fax services like Faxpipe when you can send fax for free from the Internet icon wink Four Easy Ways to Send Fax From Internet For Free