Best Rapidshare Download Manager? Top Rapidshare Downloader

Though I am not a huge fan of Rapidshare but I love exploring tricks and tools for Rapidshare. Already there are tons of search engine and various tools created to bypass download limit and so here is a short compilation of some of the top Rapidshare download manager for effective file download from with or without a premium account!

Also note that these Rapidshare downloader are free to download and works quite well. I am sure you must have come across other programs that says to provide simultaneous downloads from Rapidshare and out of which some of them are JUST spyware! So be careful about this and download the below mentioned top rapidshare download managers only!

If you have any other working rapidshare downloaded then let me know.

Best Free Rapidshare downloader

Below are some of the best rapidshare downloader I have found that will queue the files in order and automatically download them. Another way to download files is to make use of Internet download manager or firefox addon such as downthemall!

Jdownloader Rapidshare Downloader

Download from here

Some of the download manager we talked about earlier includes jdownloader manager which is one of the powerful premium downloader for both free and premium rapidshare user. You can download files from rapidshare, megaupload, deposit files and also download youtube videos onto your hard disk. Jdownloader is completely free and also supports addons making it an complete compatible rapidshare download manager.

Cryptload download manager

Download Cryptload

Cryptload is a Mac, Windows based downloader for downloading files from the internet, you can have a download archive, parallel downloads and integrate plugins to customize the program. Another recommended alternative next to Jdownloader!

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Rapidshare Auto Downloader

A freeware rapidshare downloader with proxy support allowing you to download files from Rapidshare automatically. Load the url and wait for them to download, you can also scan the files to check if it is free from virus and auto shut down after the download is complete.

Download Rapidshare Auto downloader [via Mayur]

G rap it RS downloader

Download G Rap It [Mediafire]

We already seen G-rap it which is another simple rapidshare downloader including a basic interface to download files as a free user. Add links and Grap it will download them one by one with a time gap of 15 minutes.

If you have found any other free downloader then make sure they are not these fake rapidshare downloader as they are filled with spyware and tons of virus which manipulates your system registry files! So make sure you research on the web world before downloading any new rapidshare downloader..