Scribd Blocked? Alternatives to Scribd to Upload, Share Documents has been one of the top website for sharing documents and PowerPoint slides & presentations online. In case if Scribd is blocked in your office, school or anywhere then you have to look for similar alternatives which are already provided here.

Though such website alternatives may not exactly resemble Scribd document sharing service but when scribd is blocked, this is the only solution as proxy servers don’t seem to work all the time. Here are some of the alternatives to Scribd and do let me know if I’ve missed any such service so I can update the post. is a very popular online collaboration service that lets you send free fax, upload documents in real time. To upload your document, just drop (drag) the file and share the document content with the unique link provided. Of course, this is all free. also includes desktop widgets, firefox plugin for easy uploading and sharing of files in a much organized way.

Calameo – An interesting sites that holds tons of documents uploaded by users, you can search for topics and read them online. There are several publication under creative common license as well.

In Calameo you can browse in several languages, find the most popularly read books and publish your own documents. The viewing section is quite admirable due to nice flashy navigation.

Slide Share – One of the largest community site – Slideshare has almost all types of documents that can be searched and viewed instantly. Slideshare offers users to upload format such as ppt slides, Word documents, PDF, text files and so on..

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You can also embed the documents easily on your blog or website using the Slideshare widgets.

Prezi – The new entrant in the market, Prezi lets you create mind blowing presentations that are compatible with iPads and other tablets. Unlike simple presentations available all over the web, Prezi brings zooming feature where every presentation slide can be zoomed on PC and tablets. Check out some of the best cloud computing presentations created using Prezi.

Doc Share – Comes with a user rating system, docshare has ebooks, templates, technology publication and various business & legal documents uploaded from by docshare users.

With nice variety of collection, docshare is definitely a good website to collaborate and share your documents online making our tasks much more easier.