Smart Shopping: Why Your Brand Needs A .shop Domain Name

The .shop domain name entered the domain name system in 2016 and has become one of the most popular extensions for online store owners. It is one of the savviest extensions a business owner can choose because it tells customers that you have a product that they are looking to buy!

So, why should you choose a .shop extension for your online store? Let’s find out below:

  1. It has a high availability rate

When it comes to business domain names you want to choose the shortest one possible, and why? Because not only does it make it much easier for customers to visit your website but search engines like Google also prefer such extensions. They will be more likely to rank your website higher if you have a short and succinct extension.

Thankfully, the .shop extension still has a high availability rate, meaning you will likely receive your desired extension. Not only will you have the extension you really wanted but it will also be popular with Internet users and Google alike!

  1. Your extension will be easy to remember

Being able to choose a shorter extension means you will be choosing a highly memorable one, too. This means you will receive more web traffic which, resultantly, leads to increased conversions. Furthermore, Google ranks websites with increased web traffic higher because they can tell that you’re a trusted website and an industry authority.

  1. You can place keywords in your extension

The .shop extension’s high availability rate has plenty of perks, and another one is your ability to put keywords in your domain name. But why should you place keywords in your web address? It’s simple, really: Google will be able to tell what kind of content you have on your website and will likely rank you higher as a result!

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Not only this, but customers will be able to remember your extension more easily when you have keywords that relate to your product in the web address. Both these features ensure that you will likely rank higher using a .shop extension!

  1. It helps with your branding

When it comes to extensions you want the freedom of being able to choose the most brandable option for your business. After all, you don’t want to choose an extension that is off-topic or incongruent – it’s simply bad for branding!

Therefore, this extension’s high availability rate allows you to choose the most captivating option for your business. Your extension is part of your branding and this is why it’s important to choose the best option for your business!

  1. You can choose a voice-optimised extension

And in this digital era that’s one of the most important things. More people are making the switch to using voice search to find products online. Google finds it easier to locate websites that have extensions like “shop” because it literally has the word shop in the title.

Therefore, you will be able to choose a voice-optimised extension that makes it easy for people to dictate to Google. The search engine prefers correct spelling and more succinct phrasing than websites with random spellings and clunky wording.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to choose a .shop extension that makes it easy for Google to locate your website once it has been voice-searched.

It’s the best option for online sellers

If you’re a business owner looking to take your online store to the next level then this is the perfect domain name for you. It provides a stylish, voice-optimised way to win customers and increase conversions!

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