SpringFlash: Free iPhone 4 Cydia App For Jailbroken iPhone4

With the iPhone 4 Jailbreak release on its way, Bigboss unfolded the latest app he’s been working on that is called ‘SpringFlash’.

Springflash is the first dedicated cydia app for iPhone 4 jailbroken device. Available for iPhone 4, SpringFlash is a springboard activator based LED flashlight, which means: with a touch of the button, you can have a bright LED flashlight without the need to unlock your iPhone 4, close apps or turn on the screen, since it s activator-based.

Springflash app is free to download and install, but it is possible only when the official Jailbreak for iPhone 4 is released and we are all pumped up for the comex jailbreak, right?


To install SpringFlash on iPhone 4 go to the Settings App, Activator pane, choose the activation method of your choice then select Flashlight.

Via bigboss

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