New Tesla patent? The revolution comes to electric cars

New Tesla patent?

Tesla has made public the patent they have made for a new electrode, which would allow their batteries to have a useful life of 1.6 million kilometers.

Ever since the battle for electric cars began, battery life has become the mother of all battles. An effort that has led manufacturers of components for electric cars to focus all their research on obtaining the battery that offers the longest duration.

Tesla seems to have struck the table, with the patent for a new NCA electrode that all suggests that it can be included in its new battery cell, recently built. This would make it possible to have a much cheaper and longer-lasting battery.

An electrode based on a new method for synthesizing nickel-cobalt-aluminum electrodes, resulting in a “single crystal” NCA electrode. A process, of course, is not easy to understand for ordinary mortals, but it is fundamentally summarized in that the limited duration of the batteries will no longer be a problem for electric cars.

Tesla’s battery engineers have long been working on creating their own battery cells, using technologies they develop themselves. In recent months, they have been working secretly, in the manufacture of new equipment, so it can be seen quite successful.

The acquisition of Maxwell, a manufacturer linked to battery cell technology, raised all alarms about Tesla’s intention to manufacture its own cells for its electric vehicles. Until now, Panasonic was the one who manufactured the cells that they later incorporated into their own batteries. Now everything indicates that they want all the components of their batteries to be of their own manufacture.

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The new models of Tesla electric cars it seems that they are not going to bring with them a problem associated with the duration of their battery, all the data indicates that the company focuses all its efforts on it.

Good news for the electric car industry, a market that surprises us with new advances every day.