Samsung could be working on a 600 megapixel sensor

Samsung 600 megapixel sensor

It is well known that Samsung is one of the leading companies in both the development and manufacture of photo camera sensors for mobile phones. Without going any further, Samsung is behind the first mobile sensors that came on the market with 64 MP and 108 MP. Its great rival is Sony with which it competes by offering most of the photo camera sensors that we currently see in smartphones.

Now we get the news, thanks to a post on Samsung’s website that talks about the company’s goal to create a 600-megapixel photographic sensor, which would exceed the vision capacity of the human eye. According to experts, our eyes would have a resolution of 500 megapixels, so the new sensor would far exceed the level of detail that we can achieve naturally.

Samsung has not set a date for this new launch. Perhaps the biggest problem facing the company will be the ability to reduce the size of the sensor so that it can be adapted to a mobile phone. Today, there are such a number of megapixels that would result in a sensor large enough not to be able to use it in a smartphone.

For now, we will have to settle for mobile phones with 108-megapixel cameras or the one that Xiaomi prepares with 144 megapixels. We will surely have more news about this new 600-megapixel sensor in the coming months. We will be attentive to everything that arises.

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