Understanding Servers and Their Functions and Types

Understanding Servers

What are servers? Understanding Servers What does it do? And how many types are there? The following is a brief review of the meaning of the server along with its functions and types.

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Server Definition

  • Server Functions
  • Server Type
    • 1. Proxy Server
    • 2. Virtual Server
    • 3. Telnet Server
    • 4. FTP Server
    • 5. Web Server
    • 6. Application server
    • 7. News Server
    • 8. Audio & Video Server
    • 9. Mail Server

Server Definition

Quoted from Bagusal.com , the server is a place that serves to provide services to clients. In addition, the server also functions as a place to store data and information.

There is also another opinion regarding the notion of a server, which is an access control of every client connected to a computer network by a computer system service.

Meanwhile, according to Nugroho, the server is a center that functions as a server for distributing and receiving data. The sending and receiving of data between computers is managed by the server.

From the understanding of the server above, we can conclude that the server is a data center that contains various kinds of information and acts as a provider of data to clients or users.

The server component itself includes several devices, including the processor, RAM, and network operating system.

Server Functions

After discussing the meaning of the server, let’s move on to the server function. What are the functions of the server? The following are some of the functions of the server:

  • The main place as if the data is operated on all client computers or users.
  • The place of service for all data requests from client computers.
  • Acts as a data traffic controller on the network.
  • All data, files, applications and so on are stored on the server.
  • All requests from the computer such as data information, files, applications and others are available on the server.
  • Regulating access rights on a network.
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Server Type

Based on its function, servers are divided into several types, namely:

1. Proxy Server

The first type of server is a proxy server. Proxy servers serve to limit servers and other computers in terms of data requests, connection speeds and file sharing. This server that connects the local network with the global network (internet)

2. Virtual Server

Virtual server has a function as a producer of physical servers, so it looks like there are several servers in one network.

3. Telnet Server

The next type of server is a telnet server. The telnet server acts as a coordinator on the main computer in the process of entering and leaving data.

4. FTP Server

FTP server has a function to manage data transfer on a computer network.

5. Web Server

The web server acts as a website content store and carries out communication with HTTP.

6. Application server

This server functions as a manager of commands performed by the client and connects to the database.

7. News Server

The news server functions as a distributor of all kinds of news through the created news network.

8. Audio & Video Server

This type of server serves to store multimedia features on a website.

9. Mail Server

The last type of server is the mail server. Mail server serves to handle or serve clients in terms of sending letters.

Thus a review of the meaning of the server along with its functions and types. Hope it is useful.