Tips To Increase Sales In Pharmacies and High Turnover system

Maintaining the profitability of the online pharmacy is the main objective of every pharmacist and his team. Having the tips to increase sales in the online pharmacy is one of the keys to ensuring the profitability of your business.

In addition to providing quality service to its customers, every online pharmacy should establish its own business plans and strategies. Here is a brief guide shared by the Canada Pharmacy Online to increase sales of your online pharmacy and suggest high turnover system.

Today we bring you some tips to increase the sales of your pharmacy that will make your business grow and consolidate it as a benchmark health and wellness space. Here we go!

The involvement of the team

A pharmacy that has a team involved in the business and offers a quality service to its customers is usually a successful and profitable pharmacy. 

The work of the pharmacy is not only based on the dispensing of medicines prescribed by doctors. For many of the clients, their pharmacist becomes a trusted professional to go to not only when they have discomfort or ailments; Currently, we are talking about an active figure that must promote a healthy life and the well -being of its clients. 

Here are some of the functions that a pharmacy must perform today:

Communication of objectives 

Like any company or business, communication between its members must be a primary factor on the part of pharmacy management. The best way to have good communication is to hold regular meetings where business and professional goals are established. Establishing a follow-up of the objectives can help to correct or achieve the different planned strategies.

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Staff training on the products

A coherent and solid speech must be created that is followed by the entire team that is part of the pharmacy. To increase the sales of your pharmacy, unifying the information and the message is essential to recognize potential customers, the products that can be offered at any given time and the benefits that must be communicated to close the sale.

Cross selling techniques

Complementary selling or cross-selling is a strategy to increase your pharmacy sales, which consists of offering customers products or services that are related to the item they are buying or the treatment they need. For example, food supplements can be offered to patients who are looking for more natural alternatives to classic treatments.

Special campaigns to promote up selling

Another way to get more profitability from your pharmacy is to create up selling strategies that are in line with the special campaigns of the suppliers. These promotions may consist of offering free trials or samples, a discount on the total price of a product, or a money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfactory results for the customer. 

Establish a high turnover system

Establishing an optimal rotation system in the pharmacy is one of the main tasks of business management. The control of the stock and the creation of the mass planogram to expose the products depend on this planning.

To understand how the rotation system of a pharmacy works, you must first know the different categories in which products can be classified according to their level of rotation. Typically, high turnover items are matched and organized on two levels:

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Items A or with a very high stock turnover rate. These are the products whose minimum stock should correspond to twice the number of days it takes the supplier to deliver an order. The maximum amount of this stock will depend on the purchase conditions.

Items B or high stock turnover coefficient. These are those articles whose minimum stock should be the one that covers the time it takes for the supplier to deliver the product. In most cases, the maximum stock of these items is usually double the minimum stock.