Top 4 Challenges for The Sims 4: This is how you bring variety into the game

We’ve picked four favourites from a variety of possible The Sims 4 challenges for you to give you a whole new way to experience your Sims game.

1. 100 Baby-Challenge

If you’re crazy about having babies in the Sims world, the 100 Baby Challenge is for you. Not only is it one of the most well-known challenges in The Sims fandom, but it also puts your organizational skills to the test.

As a “matriarch”, first create a pregnant Sim of the “young adult” age level according to your wishes. Let this move into a residential property of your choice with the regular starting balance.

Then set the normal aging and aging for NPCs so that you always have enough possible sperm donor townies at hand. The use of reward potions and other means to keep Sims from dying or to increase their lifespan is prohibited. Reward traits such as “beguiling,” “good kisser,” or “fertile” are allowed.

2. Asylum Challenge

During this challenge, your Sim has found himself with seven other Sims in a run-down, closed institution and is still there to complete your chosen aspiration. Here you are limited to endeavors that do not require travel, childbearing and marriage.

Creates a fully fenced building except for a small gate on a lot with only 5 sleeping places (queen beds count as 2 sleeping places!), 6 seating places (a loveseat counts as 2 seating places), and only one piece of furniture on which a Sim can take a nap.

There may only be a sink, toilet, shower or bath, fridge and the cheapest stove, but no alarm systems. Only 5 items that can enhance skills are allowed, other than a bookshelf. Except for plants, lamps and outdoor decoration, everything has to be placed inside the house.

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3. Black Widow Challenge

This challenge is a real classic and turns your chosen Sim into a somewhat macabre side jumper and murderer.

First, create a Male or Female Sim at the Young Adult age level of your choice.

This Sim should have the “Romantic” trait, you choose all other traits freely. Have your future black widow move into any neighborhood, but this Sim is not allowed to pursue a money-making career. Instead, find a townie for a relationship with your black widow and marry him.

The new spouse is allowed to work and must live in the black widow’s house. Then laugh at a lover with the black widow and let them move into the house as well.

4. Wolf Pack-Challenge

This challenge focuses on the life of a Sim with six dogs – and a vicious raccoon who brings plenty of hustle and bustle!

Create any Sim with the Dog Lover Trait and the Animal Lover Aspiration. The other traits are up to you, but recommended are “Loves Nature” and “Lone Wolf”.

Then create six dogs of your choice as additional household members, all of which have the “Hunter” trait; you choose the other two traits per animal yourself. As the eighth and last member of the household, you tinker a cat in a raccoon look, which you call “raccoon”. These give her rather exhausting/evil traits such as “territorial”, “spoilt” or “glutton”.