What Is An Environmental Concept Artist?

When it comes to creating engaging, funny, and attractive video games, you need environmental artists. Why so? The main reason is that they make awesome places where the games are going to be played. The bottom line is that you need an environmental concept artist for the purpose of creating a highly engaging video game. The attraction level needs to be high; that is why hiring a company that accepts outsourcing jobs from video game companies is highly recommended. Take note that creating fantasy landscapes such as moody wastelands and spooky dungeons is not that easy. A concept artist is what you need to find and hire for the real-world places like playgrounds and offices to be created wonderfully.

The question now is: what is the real job of a concept artist? Well, the main job of an environmental artist is to create working ideas. Concerning a certain creative project, there should be effective and relevant ideas. This is the primary job of a concept artist—to see to it that concepts are created and are going to be implemented in a particular creative project. In other words, creative ideas should be conceptualized by the artist, and it is through this way that you can have the competitive edge as a company operating in the video game industry. The ideas to be conceptualized must have never existed before. Therefore, they must be unique, and this is a surefire way for you to win in the tough business competition.

What are concept artists?

Most environmental concept art often starts with 2D art conceptual designs. With two-dimensional designs, they express their concepts with high-level engagement. As much as possible, they will create 2D designs for the purpose of attracting the players of the video game. After creating the 2D designs, they will turn the ideas into believable environments in three-dimensional styles. More often than not, they may utilize images that are created out of their creative thinking and imagination. This is how the concept artists are going to create creative pieces that can impact the video game business. The gameplay requirements should be met in order to enhance the video games. Their tasks and functions are crucial to the success of every video game.

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Did you know that it is rare to find someone that can do everything when it comes to creating great conceptual designs for video games? The attractiveness of the game will matter on the marketability level. It means it is necessary to find the right conceptual artist for the purpose of ensuring that the video game players will engage. Video game branding is generally affected by how great the video games are. Thus, it is vital to look for an environmental concept artist who will spearhead the design efforts to take your company to the next level. Choosing the right concept artist is crucial as far as getting the desired results are concerned. Find an artist who has a specialty according to your needs and demands. Find an artist who can pass the requirements based on three primary areas: prop design, character designs, and, of course, environmental designs.

Expertise of an environmental concept artist

You should be aware of the expertise that a concept artist possesses. Knowing their expertise is one of the basic foundations you can establish to gain a competitive edge as a video game company. Hiring this design artist should be your starting point, so to speak. Choosing the right guy today to spearhead the drawing comic characters. This is so important as far as achieving success is concerned.

When it comes to art design, the artist should be skilled at drawing. The environmental artist should be knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the right form, texture, color, and light. These are the aspects that the artist should be aware of. These aspects should be intertwined in order to create a world-class video game. That is why the environmental concept artist should be well-versed when it comes to drawing something out of a particular design. With this expertise, for sure, your video game company can have the edge over the competitors. The aspects of drawing should be executed perfectly. Why? This is to come up with a perfect creation for the target video game players.

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Aside from knowledge about drawing, the concept artist should also be knowledgeable about the environment. What does it mean? Simply put, the concept design artist should be able to understand the basic architectural concepts. No design can be created perfectly without emphasizing the architectural aspects or elements. An artist cannot draw a design without considering the essence of conceptual architecture. That said, the concept artist should be well-versed in landscapes, seascapes, and even urban spaces. To put it mildly, you can never succeed as a video game company if your games lack architectural elements. 

Moreover, it is important that the concept artist knows the idea of using game engines. What are game engines? They are actually a software framework that is being utilized for the purpose of creating engaging and attractive video games. The likelihood of potential players embracing a certain video game lies in the aspect of video game engines. That means, in simple words, that your video game won’t be able to achieve success when the software framework is irrelevant and dysfunctional. That being said, it is necessary for the concept artist to know the importance of video engines, or video game software frameworks. Working within game engines is a requisite for success. Every concept artist has to understand the technical limitations of every piece of software, and, at the same time, that artist has to keep updated with current trends and the like.

The artist should also be collaborative. Why so? Without knowledge about collaboration, there is no project to be completed. Collaboration is a skill set that a designer has to possess. This skill set involves proper communication, harmony, and advanced specialization in the different video game programs. When the artist is able to collaborate with other artists and stakeholders, there is a great possibility that the work to be produced will be amazing and great. Hence, there has to be an indication that the artist can work in harmony with others. This is how you gauge the competence of the outsourcing company. The artist should be able to organize things; otherwise, it is hard to achieve success. Organization also means the capability of the artist to work on time or according to the production schedule and deadlines.

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There is nothing else on your mind except the point that you are eager to earn from your video game business. Is this goal realistic? Well, just like any form of business, you can earn money given the fact that you have expert designers on your side. Hiring the right environmental concept artist is highly recommended for the purpose of creating engaging and profitable video games. It is not easy to create attractive games. That is why you need the help of a concept artist. That artist will be tasked with helping you achieve your goals and objectives.