iOS 6.0.2 Battery Draining Problem on iPhone 5 & iPad mini?

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Over the years, as Apple accumulated a large fan-following, every iOS release episode brought a major problem or two. This is not new. The problems, however, intensified when users upgraded to iOS 6.0 firmwareWiFi connection disabled automatically, iPhone’s battery drained abruptly, poor signals were common, cellular data consumption became unbearable, and so on.

The never-ending list of issues were fixed with the release of iOS 6.0.1 firmware — only partially though. But for some users, iOS 6.0.1 didn’t fix anything at all. The WiFi bug survived, forcing Apple to release another update aimed at fixing this problem.

White iPhone 5 battery loss

Soiling their hands once again, Apple released iOS 6.0.2 firmware. This new firmware fixed some of the major connectivity problems, but it also presented us with yet another problem related to iDevice’s battery.

Poor Battery Life on iPhone 5 and iPad mini

After upgrading to iOS 6.0.2 firmware, owners of iPhone 5 and iPad mini reported battery problems. The battery life was so bad that their devices didn’t even last a day, despite charging to the maximum percentage possible.

Some users started doing a complete restore via iTunes with no luck — it’s a fairly time-consuming process for first-timers. Rebooting both iPhone 5 and iPad mini didn’t change anything. So what can you do?

To say there’s a “magical” solution is probably misleading. The short battery life is caused through iOS 6.0.2 firmware, and there’s very little you can do to fix it. You can, however, downgrade to iOS 6.0.1 firmware, but there’s a trade off: you have to deal with these set of problems on iOS 6.0.1.

As is the case with every other gadgets these days, there’s always a room for improving and optimizing your iDevice’s battery. For instance, you can use your device until the battery is completely drained and then do a full recharge. This helps keep the battery fresh and can actually help the battery maintain its charge for a longer period of time over the lifespan of the battery.

As this “battery drainage” issue is wired into the OS, you have to wait for the next firmware release. News is that Apple is already working on iOS 6.1 — developers can download iOS 6.1 beta 4 firmware — and the stable version will be out by the end of January. That’s almost a month of waiting. That said, for now, here are a couple of links you may want to follow to increase your iPhone 5 and iPad mini’s battery life:

  • iOS 6.0.2 battery fix — A thread in the Apple forum where a user was able to apply a combination of settings to help improve his iPhone’s battery life. Worth a read.
How bad is your iDevice’s battery? And what are you doing to overcome this issue? Let us know through the comment section below!

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Victor December 30, 2012

I just purchased the iPhone 5 having still used my 3Gs until now. As soon as I got home to backup my 3Gs in iTunes and then restore it to the new iPhone 5, iTunes indicated a new iOS 6.0.2 for the iPhone 5 and I applied it.

I have to admit I was clueless to any of the issues with iOS 6.0.1 as I never really used the iPhone 5 under that firmware for more than 30 minutes. The iPhone 5 came with whatever charge was in the battery out of the box at the AT&T store so I didn’t start with a full battery anyway.

In any case, after charging the phone overnight and then getting back on it in the morning to “play” with the new phone the battery drained 2% in about 15 minutes of which I wasn’t really using it much after unplugging it. That’s when I started searching for posts about iOS 6.0.2 and found out about the battery drain observations.

A side note, my 3Gs was running so well after the iOS 6.0.1 that I didn’t feel the need to update to the iPhone 5 but for the insistence of wife and kids to get up to date. iOS 6.0.1 actually improved the performance on the 3Gs over the previous iOS 5 that was running slow and glitchy on it.

Mel December 28, 2012

My iphone5’s battery life only lasted up to approx. 20 hours of standby time. I find this unacceptable as I used to be a Iphone4S user and the battery life is better than this for sure.
As I have 2 phones I rarely use my Iphone5 nowadays, perhaps not even a call in a single day and I have just another 3 new apps from the original factory apps. (Watsapp, Mapmyrun,Skype). Seriously do not understand what is happening to Apple products as we can see they take so long to launch a “new product” with some upgrades but yet the quality and standards is still unable to be keep up. I am changing to a Note2 and I wouldn’t consider buying a Apple product for a long time, until I feel they are serious in their business again.

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