Hacking PSP 3004 Possible? Basic Guide on PSP Device Hack

After PSP 3000, Sony came up with PSP 3004 and then the PSP Go device. However, during the process of manufacturing new devices and the latest firmwares, there were few exploits that was uncovered and released to the public. This led to the outcome of firmware attack.

The masterminds (the hackers) found out the loophole and have already hacked psp 3004 or the older psp such as PSP 3000 using an updated custom firmware (For example 5.03 firmware). When you have a hacked PSP, you can play and download free PSP games, instantly.

I will just give an over view on PSP hacking and if a friend of mine permits to post the method on hacking psp 3004 (for educational purpose) then I will do it so on this blog. However, in this post, the brief introduction for all the newbies who wants to hack their psp 3004 device will be definitely helpful. Perhaps, this guide will clear all your doubts on hacking psp devices. Do let me know if you’ve any questions in general.. always glad to help :)

How to hack PSP 3004 device

Although hacking an psp 3004 device is considered pretty much illegal when we talk from the developers point of view, but that’s a whole lot of new story which we will not talk about. In anyway, one of the popular ways to hack your psp is to make use of custom firmware (CFW).


There is a difference between official firmware and custom firmware. OFW (Official Firmware) is released by Sony which adds extra functions and fixes minor issues. Whereas custom firmware is a modified update released by folks who want to make PSP free, who want to bring the best PSP games on your PSP, and the best themes, for free.

Once you are on an custom firmware you will be able to transfer iso, cso game files or add applications and plugins for your psp with no extra charges at all.

There are also few psp hacking experts that can hack your psp for 20$ (max) or you could do it on your own. You will require updated CFW like CFW enabler 3.70 or you can also hack it with an pandora battery.

FAQ – PSP Hack Guide FAQs Answered – Must read.

  • How to download games for PSP

You can’t download PSP games for free unless it’s an official demo from Sony PSP Store or if you’ve the UMD. But, with an hacked PSP 3004, you can download games for free through the internet. These are ripped games that are in .cso or .iso format.

  • Can I install Applications on PSP

You can’t install homebrew applications for PSP unless it is hacked or it has an custom firmware. However, on an official firmware you can install official plugins and applications.

  • What do I lose after hacking my PSP 3004?

You can’t shut down your psp and you can’t upgrade your firmware to official sony firmware. Sony keeps on releasing latest updates and new features quite frequently. So, you do miss being up-to-date.

  • Is Hacking PSP 3004 risky?

If you don’t follow the hack guide for psp as given then you can brick your psp. Meaning that you will not be able to use your psp anymore. Make sure you proof read the hack guide twice and make a research on the web so as to avoid repenting later with an bricked psp 3004.

Any questions? Let me know..

  • marconi

    hi i have a psp 3004 version 6.38.can someone help me how to hacked it.

    contact me at or just send me a link


  • Dinos

    Hello i got a psp 3004 with 5.55 OFW running.

    Please tell me how can i hack it/downgrade it or
    basically do anything so i can download games to play?

    I havent played with my psp for a while so i havent updated it for some time.

    Please help me hack my psp

    Contact me at: konstadinosargyropoulos@yahoo.com

  • Imzoo

    I have a PSP 3004.
    The system software version I am running is 6.38.
    I want to know HOW TO hack my psp 3004 without bricking it.
    I also want to know it in full detail.
    I know I need to use Custom Firmware to play games and everything but how do I EXACTLY do it ?
    And how to downgrade my psp version ?
    Please help.

    Reply here or email me at :


  • tushar

    i have psp version 6.10 .please send me a whole guide on how to hack and downgrade psp so that i can play iso/cso games on it

  • copchi

    i have a psp 3004 v6.30 plz help me to hack it. my email is lovedpain47@gmail.com

    plz reply me……………..

  • ronny

    i have psp3004 ofw 6.30.. pls send me how to h*** my psp… thank in advance…. here is my email add – ronnyramster@gmail.com

    • Rude

      Heya, i got the psp3004 with the 6.37firmware, could someone send me the quide to hack it, ive heard that the pandora battery hack doesnt work on 3004-model.


  • ronny

    i have psp3004 ofw 6.30.. pls send me how to h*** my psp… thank in advance…. here is my email add ronnyramster@gmail.com

  • Wesam

    i have a psp 3004 version 6.20, is it hackable? and if yes. how can i hack it?

    can you help me please :)

  • Vegeta

    I have PSP 3004 and accidently updated to 6.37…can i hack psp in this situasion???

    If yes….Tell me how to hack it..



  • buy psp ahmedabad

    You can install a custom firmware if you are on 6.35 or below.

  • kaiser

    i also have psp3004 ofw 6.30.. pls send me how to hack my psp… thank in advance…. here is my email add kaiserspooner2010@gmail.com

  • Q.K.

    i have a psp 3004 with firmware 6.30 and it need to be heckt please help me!!

  • HatredOnce

    I have a PSP 3004 with a firmware 5.70..is there any possible to downgrade it or what is the best fo it.?can download an iso or cso and upload to my psp 3004.. i hope there is a solution for it..thanks you for your concern…please help me..god bless..

  • HoN

    I Have a PSP 3004 version: 6.35

    Please Help!!!

  • Mohammed



  • leslie

    please i really need your help.I have a psp 3004 with ofw 6.30 and really need it to be hacked,cos its expensive to buy umds.At times i have the money to buy but cant have the games i want.Please i really need your help.
    Thanks alot for your time and expecting to hear from you soonest.

  • zack316

    psp 3004 version 6.35 hackable? i have psp 1000 pandora battery how do i hack it?!?! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

  • S?awek

    witam mam psp 3004 i firmware 6.30 czy mozna ja przerobic prosze o odpowiedz

  • siyu

    please,psp 3004 firm 6.20,help?

  • uttam

    hello,i hav bought a psp3004 version6.30, can i hack it,if yes then how to hack my psp3004 v6.30…plz help me..original games r 2 costly

  • suvansh

    pls pls do something for me

  • psp13


    I have a psp 3004 and has the version 6.31.
    I have alot of oficial games but i would like to know if there is a way to (hack) the psp! so i could download games pass it into the memory stick duo and play??
    I have read something about the chicken something!

    Pls could u help me???

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      You can’t. As far as I know, there’s no way you can downgrade the firmware. You’re left with no options, mate.

    • sagar

      Hi friend,

      if u have alot of games used UMD & now u want to SEll it Pls mail me sagar13_dhanawade@rediffmail.com
      i am interested to buy

  • faraz

    Dear friends , i just newly got my PSP it has 6.31 version , i cant play ISO & CSO games even canot view them .. please help i dont know how to downgrade, i know nothing just two days back i purchase it .

  • pavan

    psp 3004 with 6.00 ver
    I dont knw how to hack
    Can u help me

  • saad

    plzzzzzzzz help me to hack my psp 3004 v5.51 to play iso games plzzzzzzzzzz i beg u yar…………………………………………………..

    • inshan koirala

      hey man u can hack ur psp ver5.51 just c youtube video to hack psp and hack.i have hacked 3004 ver 6.31

      • divyesh

        can u give me the download link inshan ill be thankfull to u bro pls pls

      • Yogesh bamaniya

        Hey ishan can you plz show me the method to of hacking psp with firmware 6.31 as my psp firmware is 6.10 plz show me a way of hacking it you can reply me on my email id yogeshbamaniya@gmail.com plz do me a favour.

      • http://blogote.com/ harman

        how do u hack psp 3004 6.31 plz……………. tell me how to hack?

      • Ali

        Hey Bro Insahan koirala how do u hacked ur 3004 ver 6.31? can u send me the method?? ali135@gmail.com

        i will b very thankful to u bro…


    I have psp 3004 fw 6.20 when it ill be hacked??????????

  • Viki hunter

    I have psp 3004 with frimware 6.10.please help of to hack it. As original games india is bit pricey

  • aditya

    dear frndzz how can i hack my psp 3004 with 6.20 version…..
    reply me at adidesh9@gmail.com

  • Manoj

    Hi I have purchased psp 3004 version 6.20 please give me hack for the same

  • Yogesh bamaniya

    When will the hack for psp 3004 with firmware 6.00 will arrive plz anyone give me a good news

  • keerthan

    I had hacked my psp 3004, but once i accidentally switched it off. So now do i just follow the same steps to hack it but without flashing, or are there some other methods?

  • vennesh

    i bought psp 3004 with 6.31 firmware….could this be hacked?? wat all should i need to downgrade it??? please reply


  • Amani

    I have PSP 3004 version 5.55
    can I hack it using any CFW??
    or I shall use a specific one??

    If I can, what is the exact steps to hack it??

  • Amani

    So we can hack the PSP 3004 by using any CFW??
    or we shall use specific one??

    Also,I want to know the exact step to hack such device.

  • Sami

    Dear friends , i just newly got my PSP it has 6.31 version , i cant play ISO & CSO games even canot view them .. please help i dont know how to downgrade, i know nothing just two days back i purchase it .


    plsssssssssssssssssss , :((

    • helper

      ok you no my psp version is 6.31 same but i go saida ariba alharem plaza in theri shop im give he add my psp game.any help’

    • Rohan

      if u r in India.U can buy a game like ben10 alien force .it has a system of 4.03 u will upgrade it to 5.03 CFW

      • rohan

        u fucking bitch tat will not work at all. n dont bring such pissing ideas.

  • Ashfaaq

    Will someone tell me how to get version 6.00 to my psp 3004 5.03

    • asad

      i don’t know about the 6.00 but you can download the 6.31 from
      us.playstation.com and also the guide you can read there too

  • bernz

    how to donload psp game ver. 6.2 3004 series bernz …

  • Mr PSP

    hey guys i have a PSP 3004 i just bought it i dont wanna it so it for sale i didnt use it except when i bought it it has all the acessories and it’s for 500$ only so just call 002/0144992212
    and i’m gonna give it to u
    i’m in egypt

  • divyesh

    hey can u tell me the site name or the possible link please i need it

  • droga

    hey irfan u go to store and they can ur help u

  • Akhs

    PSP for SALE..
    Rarely used psp in sractchless condition.
    Intrested peaple cal call.

  • suyog

    hiii dude
    i recently purchased new psp 3004 with v6.10 in july 2010 from india,i heard from my friend that i cant hack this psp is is true ???,if yes then could u plz tell me when this hack will be avilable and if i can hack this psp plz let me know how ??? cause u know buying umd will be very expensive man
    plzzzzz reply me asap..

  • suyog patil

    hiii dude
    i recently purchased new psp 3004 with v6.10 in july 2010 from india,i heard from my friend that i cant hack this psp is is true ???,if yes then could u plz tell me when this hack will be avilable and if i can hack this psp plz let me know how ??? cause u know buying umd will be very expensive man
    plzzzzz reply me asap


    MINE IS HENRY AND A PSP 3004 S&L WITH ofw 6.00 PLEASE HLP!!!!!!!!!

  • irfan

    this is irfan

    my psp is bricked and i want to unbrick my psp i there any method to unbrick my psp.please reply me at earliest.

    • omar

      just hold ur power button till it gets on n it ll get unbricked after some seconds……

  • mohit

    hey frns me n ma one frn hv psp 2004 with firmware version 4.2 and 4.5 . can we hack it, plz also post da necessary links, n also tel me da places in delhi where it cn be hacked n hw much it costs, ma email id is soccer_play420@yahoo.com, plz help me!

    • LOHITH

      hey guys i am selling unopened box piece psp 3004 slim and lite for 8k anyone interested call me 8095204575 i am in bangalore can still negotiate with me

  • amit

    there is any way to hack psp 3004 v 6.10 if not tell up to when it is available

    • droga

      hi amit i give u good news psp3004 v6.0 and v6.10 is hack to v6.30 and u play the games in memorycard coz daybefore yesterday i purchesd psp 3004 v6.0 and i crack my psp from net.net has given me free software 6.30 and i play game in memory card.i m sure u r psp3004 is hack

  • shree

    hi dude…mine is a psp 3004…i had got it hacked a bit time before…i guess with a CFW..maybe last year…but the problem was after getting it hacked it used to turn off on its own…..i mean ur psp is onn and suddenly gets stuck…..and den gone…..and den starts off again but this time there is no such software and the games on the memory stick ain’t workin…is it any signs of bricking?….is it risky….i didn’t hack it afterwards….was kinda scared….please advice if its safe to do the hacking stuff again….

  • mia

    hi, i have a psp 3004 here version 6.0. do u have any idea on how to hack it, to downgrade it to 5.50gen-d3? i badly need it. i’m from the philippines by the way. do you have a facebook account? thanks.

  • mohammedazharali

    hey i have a doubt…i had bought a psp3004 ofw 6 last day….i came to know that i wont be able to hack it..can i do something about it by giving it to a shop or so???and is every games compatible for psp3004 ofw 5.03..means can i play the laest games released this moth and going to be released the coming months??

  • bhaskar

    hey….i hv bought a new psp 3004pb. i know its hackable. bt how ????
    plzzzzzz help me out. from which site should i download CFW and all other required things ? also tell how can i install it to my psp …..

    • chitraksh

      Hi bhaskar,

      Did you got the hack?
      I bought PSP 3004 yesterday so new to this world…
      So if you got hack please let me know.

  • http://microsoftwinoshelp.blogspot.com Aatif

    i have tried to hack my psp 3004 and it gone bricked how can i solve this problem….

  • ravi

    pandora battery can hack psp 3004v6.20 & chickhen2…?

  • ravi

    how to cheak my motherbord no in psp 3004v6.20….?

  • himanshu

    i have purchase a psp 6.10 version..and .its hack is not available in market (delhi..etc )but its trick available on net ,youtube…..through the pandora bettery, psp grader8, CFW 5.00.. could u check this stuff and give me suggestion it is right way or not…….i will sand u link of hacking video……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMMuLE8MHh8
    ,,,,,,,,,,plz reply must…….

    • sans

      this link says psp 3004 version 5.50 is hackable…dont know if its true

  • kishor patel

    Dear shashank
    What is meaning of cfw ode

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      CFW – Custom FirmWare, which means installing a custom version of software on your PSP so that you can hack it :)

  • Ashwin

    Hey , I recently bought a PSP 3004 which has 6.10.I have heard and downloaded ChickenHEN and REN files.I hv downloaded a game but my PSP doens’t read it.Moreover,Plese tell me where i can have Official UMD dumper. (if it would work on my PSP).Please HELP

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      Hey Ashwin,

      Hack doesn’t work on 6.10 version! It works for 5.03 only. The fact is you can’t degrade the firmware now! Too bad.. and regarding UMD dumper, I will get you the link in couple of days as I am busy with my exams.

  • syedsq

    1> what is difference between PSP 3000 and PSP 3004 model.?

    2> how long the battery of PSP 3000 and PSP 3004 model runs.?

    3> what is the average size of a movie and a video song in psp?

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      1> what is difference between PSP 3000 and PSP 3004 model.?
      As far as I know, the price difference doesn’t exist between the two models (few bucks here and there). And, the screen of psp 3004 is much much better than psp 3000. PSP 3004 is a upgraded version of psp 3000 with some tweaks so it can run smoother, nothing much to talk about.

      2> how long the battery of PSP 3000 and PSP 3004 model runs.?
      Not sure about PSP 3000.. but assuming the psp 3004 being the better version, it can handle 8-12 hours of mp3 playback, or about 4 continuous hours of gaming (my experience)

      3> what is the average size of a movie and a video song in psp?
      PSP supports mp4 movie. Depends on the type of quality you are looking for. In anyway, a music video clip of 5 min takes about 20mb to 60mb (HD). I have 800mb of video clips and trust me its a pleasure to watch them. Movies come in size of 500mb to 700mb normally.

      One more thing: The loudness of the device can be disappointing… but its of great value! Clarity of the songs are assured. Pleasure to answer your questions..

  • syedsq

    i am new to this psp thing and want to buy a psp 3004.
    1> can i hack my psp from some shop in market.
    2> which CFW psp i have to buy for hacking it.
    3> can i buy blank UMD’s and put some video’s on it.
    4> what is the last limit of memory stick for psp’s? and if yes what is the price for it?

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      Can i hack my psp from some shop in market?
      -> YES! Its possible and it costs around 20 bucks, maximum! You can also do it on your own if you follow the right procedure..

      Which CFW psp i have to buy for hacking it
      -> Anything below 5.03 is great. But I doubt you’ll find that version in the latest psp as Sony preloads them with 6+ version these days. But should be below 5.03 firmware version.

      Can i buy blank UMD’s and put some video’s on it.
      -> No, you can’t. I haven’t heard anyone doing this. Kind of unsure about this.. Are blank psp UMD’s available? I doubt that.

      What is the last limit of memory stick for psp’s? and if yes what is the price for it
      -> Limit is endless. There are 16GB sony sticks available as far as I know. I have a 8GB stick and it was 50 bucks for me (USD). 16GB would be more than enough :)

      • jm the psp 3004 suck

        rockstar give me you ym and email

    • jm the psp 3004 suck

      hey i have psp 3004
      ver 5.70
      i trade it for psp 2000 compatible with 8gb memory+8gb memoey

    • kostas papadopoylos

      can i download games to my psp 3004?

  • jm psp 3004

    H! my father buy me a psp 3004 with free 2 umd
    ined to play many games with my memory but cannot

    the technician said to me in store the software has not been realeased it will release in july suck
    friend help me plz my version is 5.70
    ined to play with many many iso games

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      You can’t play the UMD’s? I remember getting a demo game (Something related to ‘Metal’) that is very popular but didn’t support my psp firmware which was 5.03.

      I wanted to play that game. But I didn’t. Because once the firmware is upgraded, you can’t easily downgrade. I wouldn’t mind that because I’d still have more than thousand games to play on my psp.

      However, in your case – You are stuck, friend. You have a version that is yet to be exploited. Who knows a hack for 5.70 might be available very soon.. I believe the games you have would require 6.00+ version. The choice is on you – Whether upgrade to 6+ and play those 2 UMD games you have, or wait for the hack!

      If I was you, I would have let go of the 2 UMD games and fiddle with the other UMD’s. :) You know I had to wait for 3 months (didn’t buy any UMD’s) to understand how all this actually works.

      • jm the psp 3004

        if my 5.70 i will downgrade it or not.
        i try my psp insert a memory with games
        nothing happen..

        hey the technician said to me in mall
        the sofware for that will release in july something


        add my email to your ym

    • jm the psp 3004 suck

      how sad it is huhuhu

      if i would trade it in psp 2000 +8gb memory compatible
      how was that?
      im here at the philippines.


      • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

        Why psp 2000? You can also get PSP 3000 or PSP 3004 model with a lower firmware. PSP 2000 is outdated.. internal component wise. I would prefer at least to get a psp 3000 and 4GB card if thats what you get.

        You can definitely trade it. Go to ebay or some local listing site and sell it, for that price – buy another psp. If you have friends who own psp then you’d know this can be darn fun :] Let me know your decision. I’m curious.

  • niket

    Hi ,
    Just got a new psp 3004 . On starting , it asked me to upgrade firmware to 6 from 4.2. I din do any thing as I want to crack it. I need to upgrade to play the original game. wat are my chances of cracking it, plz advise

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      Well, if you want to hack your psp 3004 then DO not upgrade :) Of course, if you’ve money for the UMD’s then you can do it.

      You must install CFW and load it on your psp. A tutorial on that is on its way. Give me some time.. maybe a week or two :)

  • vinay raj

    this is for my psp hack

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      YEAH BABY!

  • GamerBoy265

    I have a PSP-1001 with OFW 6.20 and I used the Patapon 2 demo with the exploit and did everything right so far, and now I’m at the black screen with the text at top saying: Hello World along with the snow that changes colors if I press the left & right buttons, but my question is, what do I do now, once I’m at the Hello World Screen??? Am I supposed to just let it sit here on my desk while it does something on it own or what? Please Help A.S.A.P. (P.S.) the chirp noise it really starting to get to me…lol…

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      Hi gamerboy,

      I replied to you but somehow the comment just disappeared! I am on 5.03 firmware, so I am only assuming that it should do something on its own :)

      I guess by now you must have figured that out.. myself wouldn’t upgrade to this exploit as I am on 5.03 CFW :)

  • Wthisthispatheticcrap ?

    Dude i dont know who you are or what do you do ,or what ability to make a ARM processor use a custom Firmware,but as far as i can see you are a complete con,and effecting other people who seek help and aid,thanks to google,i found your useless and totally morale killing writing.Where i pursued a answer and found a proper answer.

    Thanks for lieing through your teeth for a crappy horde of teeths,whatever…your name is…

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      Approved your comment.. and I would be updating the post with the hack link. Like I said, my friend is the one who hacked psp 3004 for me.

      And thanks for taking your time in blaming others. Doesn’t impress me anymore..

  • Pranav

    Well I just got a PSP 3004 PB it has OFW 6.0, can I hack it..???

    Read many sites & I found nothing but no..!!!

    Can you please help me out..!!???

    PS : – I am a very new PsP user..!!!

    Thanks in advance..!!!

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      Hi Pranav, as you’ve an OFW of 6.0, I am sorry to say that you can’t hack your PSP 3004, which means the only solution is to ‘buy’ stuffs officially.

      Right now there are no methods to downgrade firmware as far as I know, even if there are some ways, they are quite complicated/risky!

      • rtsantos

        i just bought a psp-3004 verion 5.70,is there anyway that i can dowgrade it to 5.03 or a version that i can hack?And if its possible can you plz send me the links where i can get the hacks and games plz…. lots of regards from greece… thanks for doing a great job friend :)

  • sujirajesh

    I heard that after hacking a PSP 3004 you can shut down your psp but the CFW will no longer be there?please DO e-mail me to sujirajesh1369928@gmail.com.i need immediate help!!!!!!!

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      Actually, You CAN’T shut down your PSP once you’ve hacked it. If you do, then you have to reactivate the hacking process once again..

      Also a point to be noted is that you can’t play all the games, some mini games forces an shut down automatically. Although, reactivating takes only a couple of tries and no real risks are involved, until and unless you really mess it up and go beyond the given procedures.

      • sureshaa

        hey sid,

        really nice reading those…. am trying for a PSP 3004 with 8 gb pro duo card……… can i find out before buying the console , if that is above 5.03 OFW….. or do i have to wait till firmware OFW6.0 gets hacked….. i am now between a raedon 5770 for my PC and PSP…. i like PSP bec i don need one MP4 player anymore… also can use it as a net-book… but can you tell me something after this….