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Flock is a social web based flash type browser which is powered by Mozilla Firefox. I have been using Flock 2 beta edition which has all the latest FireFox 3 technology from Mozilla. It is still in beta-two but it can be downloaded from here.

Why go with Flock browser? The features in flock browser like blog editor,media view, people’s sidebar, easy one click upload image option and friendly smooth browsing with maintenance  and management of Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other social sites which makes you most organized on the Internet and as it is powered by Mozilla you can be assured of its easy browsing capability.

Moreover you can also use Firefox 3 addons in your Flock browser which makes it as much as powerful as Firefox. Though, there was a addon available to turn Firefox into Flock but now it doesn’t work with Firefox 3 browser.

Anyway, here are some of the latest themes introduced by Mozilla group for Flock:

Eco Edition theme – A simple greenish theme which signifies Eco friendly environment. Comes with updated news, content, and media in global matters affecting the planet. Flock also gives away 10% donation to help the environment. Also, there are many more preloaded Eco features in the Flock Eco-Edition browser which are worth trying out.


Download flock theme – Eco edition

Gloss Edition theme – Flock team calls the latest theme as Gloss theme which is world’s first and only fashion/entertainment browser according to them. The theme is pinkish and seriously not many are in love with the pinky! The reason may be because it is treated as Girl’s favorite color. Right? Once again the theme comes with a preloaded daily news feeds about fashion, love and entertainment. Girls grab ’em!


The Gloss theme is based on the current Flock 1.2.4 browser. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac Os X.

Download flock theme – Gloss edition

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robin December 23, 2010

o my god it is ousom.i love it ilove it.

vianna March 28, 2010

hey guys… i tried to download the pink one and its still giving me the normal flock browser…

vianna March 27, 2010

i love the browser…im gonna try the pink theme.. wish you have a purple theme as well..

Hiten February 6, 2010

i am usimg flock from past 15 days it ‘s very fast browser then other, i used many browser bbut i faced some hank prob. with that, then i swiched to flock , & i m ssatisfy with it

marcusarelius23 November 22, 2009

Flock is a brilliant browser. Its definately in the same league as Firefox, Opera and Cometbird. I've been waiting for more themes to come along for Flock and i have just found a few at Virtusdesigns. com.
Other great browsers to try are Maxthon, Google Chrome, Avant and Safari. All work very well. You decide which is the best.

Becky July 25, 2009

Nice themes so far, Hoping you will come up with a dark blue or black theme sometime soon! Anyone know where I can get a Win XP theme without a bunch of BS on it? Someone let me know!!!

Tisi March 19, 2009

Flock is nice, and once it has lots of add ons like firefox, it will be better. Until then, I don’t think it is. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t yet, especially if you’re a media junkie.

Brett November 29, 2008

I have several themes for Flock at my website http://www.virtusdesigns.com

Al August 17, 2008

Wish there was a Skypilot theme for flock browser. I would use Flock instead of Firefox.

Firefox is ok, but it really sux for some Web sites. Some site’s pages simply won’t load into Firefox, rendering only blank pages and making it necessary to switch to a browser that CAN and WILL load it.

Until I stumbled upon Flock browser, the only alternative browser in which to view such pages was Internet Explorer or AOHell’s Netscape Navigator (a once good browser gone bad). Now there’s Flock. It loads pages that Firefox will only display as blank pages. No one seems to be developing any themes or extensions for Flock, though; so I guess it’s up to people like me, with only a vague understanding of how to create such things, to fumble through the process and come up with new themes and extensions.

I really thought Firefox was “the” thing, until I discovered that some Web pages would not load in that browser. Also, I have discovered that the hype that Mozilla used when it developed its browsers (including Firefox)–that Firefox was safer against hackers and/or viruses than Internet Explorer–is just so much b.s. In reality, it is actually easier to hack or infect a computer running Firefox than it is to hack or infect a computer running only Internet Explorer. I hate to have to admit it, but if set properly, Internet Explorer is actually more secure and affords better protection against hack attempts, virus infection, and interception of encrypted data than either Firefox or Flock. There is absolutely no verifiable evidence to support Mozilla’s claims. Flock, after all, is little more than a revamped Firefox more akin to a non-AOHell version of Netscape Navigator.

Flame me as you will, but the truth is the truth. Those who blindly and unquestioningly follow the Firefox and Flock developers–the same crowd that believes that anti-virus programs are unnecessary–will continue to mistakenly believe that they are somehow safer online by using Firefox or Flock. They are the Flock blindly following a false shepherd. This browser wasn’t called “Flock” for nothing.

I don’t use Flock or Firefox because they are more secure, because I know different. I use Flock and Firefox because I don’t like Internet Explorer.

MOin August 5, 2008

madhur same goes for me i am also going to give flock a try my friend use it and always prefer it over firefox today we see whos the winner, and that green theme is so nice looking =D

VEljkKo August 5, 2008

Flock is the BEST browser ever!!! FUCK FIREFOX!!!

Madhur Kapoor August 5, 2008

I think it is time i give Flock a try. have heard a lot about it

Sidharth August 5, 2008

@Rajaie – I must agree,People love firefox and doesn’t opt for new browsers 🙂

Rajaie AlKorani August 5, 2008

I used to be the type of person who switched his browser every couple of days, those days are now over. Firefox and nothing else.

Sidharth August 5, 2008

@stratosg – I have Javacore installed.. No java :/

Thanks for commenting frnd 😉

stratosg August 4, 2008

nice browser but i don’t use the feature it features anyway so… no use for me 🙁

BTW: sid what happened with that explorer of mine? did you still have problems?

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