Will You Buy The uTorrent Plus Paid Client?

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I have been a frequent lurker in the various torrent communities from the past couple of years. And one thing that sets these communities apart from the regular torrent sites is the fact that the torrent files are free from any kind of virus, and they are genuine.

As usual, to download the contents from the torrent files, one has to use a program. One of the most popular and resilient BitTorrent client is uTorrent, which most of you might have already used/seen. uTorrent has been free for years, but the company has a new game plan to monetize their userbase.

According to the recent post on the BitTorrent blog, the folks behind the hugely popular uTorrent program are working on the premium version of uTorrent. And the first version of the program is set to roll out later this fall, although there is no mention of the price of this premium app.

Will You Buy uTorrent Plus?

Dubbed ‘uTorrent Plus’, this upgraded (and paid!) version of BitTorrent client has premium features available for both Windows and Mac OS users. But the question of whether the free members are willing to convert into paid users remains to be seen.

Right now, the details on what uTorrent Plus has in store for the paid users are scarce and there is no concrete information available for us to find out if we get our money’s worth with this app. However, the paid client, unlike the free version, will have the ability to convert videos and transfer the files to an external device. Perhaps that’s what going to give uTorrent Plus an edge over the free version.

Also, the uTorrent community stocks nearly 100 million active users, and even if a small percentage of users converting into uTorrent Plus members can lead to huge profit. So it’ll be interesting to see how uTorrent Plus pans out when its out this fall.

What’s pushing me to think harder is whether one can download the paid uTorrent Plus using the free uTorrent client? I mean, imagine if we could torrent for uTorrent Plus and download the cracked version? Funny, but if this happens then the company will suffer in its own game. Oh, we are going deep!

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Melvin July 24, 2011

I don’t have any problems paying that amount of money for a plus account but i just don’t see why someone would want to upgrade. Seems like there isn’t that much difference.

Civil420 July 19, 2011

lol. I am an avid supporter for the free bitorrent client, and became so because of the vast amount of useful files, and relatively simple downloading process. I am not a power user, however, I do not have a need for imbedded converters as there are many cracked versions available already. Through torrents. On utorrent. So, really it would actually drive me to cease seeding for a client that would charge the end user for something created to keep such things free. Sidharth, as always, thanks for keeping us abreast on these issues, I read your blogs frequently, and look forward to the next blog.

    Sidharth July 20, 2011

    Hey there,

    Thanks for reading this blog. And yes, I wouldn’t seed any of the torrent files if I were a paid member. Obviously.

    I think a lot depends on the cost of uTorrent Plus. For $1, I think I wouldn’t mind. $5, let me think. $10, no way. $119.99 (Mac App), hilarious! 😀

    Remember Limewire had two version: Lite and Pro. Pro was available from other torrent sites, so should uTorrent Plus.

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