Why YouTube Video Views are Stuck at 301?

When a YouTube video fails to load, you can be certain that the problem is with your machine, most probably with the Adobe Flash Player. But when the number of views on the videos are stuck, you have to blame YouTube.

The number of views on a video is an aid for both uploaders and viewers. A viewer can know if the video is popular by looking at the number of views while video uploader will be be able to analyze the popularity of the video by looking at the view counts.

Video View Count Appear Static

Regular YouTube users must have noticed this: Even after reloading a video, the view count will appear the same. There’s no change in the number — the counter is not real-time, that is. Another noticeable “error” is that the YouTube views freezes at the number 301. [More info]


Why are the numbers stuck?
 Ted Hamilton, Product Manager for YouTube Analytics, answers the number-freezing problem in a video.

Explanation: Every uploaded video on YouTube will be cached. These videos, depending on the users’ location, will then be served from the nearest server — not from the main server. After a day or two, the number of views obtained from each server is aggregated and the change in numbers will be reflected under the video.

If a video has above 300 views, YouTube verifies the authenticity of the views through their strategical verification process. The algorithm will make sure that bot, spam traffic is eliminated from the total count. If the views are below 300, there’s no need to worry and the views will be updated almost instantly.

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Video: Why do YouTube views freeze at 301?