5 Best Junk Cleaner Apps For Smartphones

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Is your phone getting slower and slower now? This kind of thing can happen to all smartphones. This happens because of the many applications that you install on your smartphone .

The more applications you install on your smartphone, the more storage and RAM you use. This will affect the performance of the smartphone .

Not to mention the obsolete files, junk files and caches that add to the tightness of storage on your smartphone. In order not to be slow you need to regularly clean your smartphone from trash, so that your cellphone is no longer slow when used.

Well, here we will provide recommendations for the 5 best junk cleaning applications for Android so that your phone is no longer slow. What are these applications? Let’s see right away.

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All-in-one Toolbox

  • Power Cleaner
  • CCleaner
  • DU Cleaner
  • File by Google

All-in-one Toolbox

The first app we recommend to clean your phone is All-in-one Toolbox. The application can clean useless files, and is able to monitor the battery and CPU temperature of your cellphone.

The features of this application are good enough to help your cellphone not slow down if you use it. One of its features is Boost which is able to clear cache and close background applications.

With this Boost feature you can set it automatically to clean cache files on your smartphone. Just one touch to analyze the smartphone you have and one more tap to delete.

Easy isn’t it? In addition, this application also provides other features, such as mass application remover, battery saver, to analyze WIFI.

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Power Cleaner

For the next application that we recommend to clean up the garbage on your phone is Power Cleanner. This application has a size of 3 mb, thus making the application lighter than other cleaning applications.

Although it has a lighter size than similar applications, this application also offers many features that can help your smartphone.

Like the feature of clearing cache on smartphones, deleting duplicate photos, cooling the CPU, clearing notifications to improve the performance of your phone. You can get all of this from this light application.


This one application must be familiar to PC users because the CCleaner application can only be used on a computer or PC. But now this application can be downloaded and used on your smartphone .

With features that are no less powerful, such as cleaning and getting rid of all kinds of garbage from your smartphone device in just a few touches.

Your smartphone is immediately free from annoying trash. Plus this application has a fairly light size of only 5 mb.

DU Cleaner

Then there is the DU Cleaner application to clean useless trash from your smartphone. This application is worth comparing with other garbage cleaning applications.

There are not many features offered by this application, other than the cleaning feature. Because the main purpose of this application is to clean junk files on smartphones.

DU Cleaner offers various features for a thorough and detailed junk file cleaner with deep cleaning analysis.

File by Google

For our last recommendation about the best junk cleaning apps is File by Google. This application made by Google is able to help track and also clean junk files that can clog storage on smartphones .

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If you use this File by Google app, you just need a few taps on the app to free up storage space on your phone. Not only is it able to clean it, it turns out that this application is also able to check the available storage space on the internal cellphone or on the micro SD. Cool, right?

Well, that’s the 5 recommendations for the best garbage cleaning applications for smartphones . Which one do you think is the best? Let’s give your choice and write in the comments column yes. See you..