When iPhone 4S Fails to Detect the Inserted SIM Card

“No SIM Card Installed.” That’s a message some of you iPhone 4S users should be familiar with. All hell broke loose when the same message appeared on my friend’s iPhone 4S earlier this year, and we didn’t knew how to fix this issue. Who in the world has answers to every problem?

“Shake the phone…” “Update to new iOS…” “Get a new SIM Card…” “Dude, I think Apple has stopped supporting 4S because they launched a new phone recently.” You see, all sorts of advice were thrown around at that time. The only reasonable action we knew was to take the SIM card out and put it back in the slot (SIM tray) once again.

SIM card was pushed into the slot as tightly as possible, but the iPhone still graced us with “No SIM Card Installed” message. At this point, there were blank looks everywhere. Fast forward 15 minutes, the iPhone 4S was finally able to detect the SIM Card. So what did he do?

Solution: He took the SIM card out, inserted it back again. And he did this several times — let’s say 10 times — to finally get the phone working. Simple, isn’t it?

When I was writing this article, I knew this solution isn’t going to help everyone. Also, there’s a top secret you should know: my friend didn’t have a Micro SIM Cutter. He used scissor, scale, and common sense to cut his standard SIM Card into micro SIM. I’d like to believe that he isn’t very skilled at these things, which is probably why iPhone 4S spewed out the “No SIM” message.

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Want to hear another top secret? I suggested him to do that because, you know, the whole cut-your-SIM-with-scissor process is not really difficult. And it doesn’t cost anything.