Desi iPhone Siri Can Speak in Hindi Language

The iPhone Siri that struggled to understand the Indian accent can now answer your questions in Hindi.

Kunal Kaul has come up with a solution (not publicly available yet) that forces Siri to speak in Hindi language even if you throw your questions at it in English.

Watch the video below to witness Siri flawlessly talking in Hindi:

This Siri hack, according to Kunal, uses a proxy server and connects to Google API server for translation. I am assuming our iPhones should be jailbroken to use the tweak.

Update: I was able to catch up with Kunal for a while. Here’s a short Q&A series:

Question: Do we require a jailbroken device to use Hindi Siri?
Answer: Yes, you must have a jailbroken iDevice. Hindi Siri will work with older iOS devices.

Question: Is this tweak iPhone 4S exclusive?
Answer: No… It can be used on any iDevice with iOS 5.0 or higher and Spire/Siri installed.

Question: What new can we expect in Hindi Siri?
Answer: You will be able to ask questions in Hindi Language. The question input will also be in Hindi text.

Question: Is the tweak completely free to download?
Answer: No ETA… I will think over whether it should be free or not. Also, note that this is not a tweak but a plugin installed on a Google API Server.

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