Jailbreak Update: iPad Mini on iOS 6 Successfully Jailbroken

Even though jailbreaking iPads is considered illegal, it won’t stop iOS hackers from doing what they do the best, and this time they have worked their way around the iPad Mini. The new 7.8-inch iPad Mini, which was launched on November 2nd, has now been successfully jailbroken.

The proof of iPad Mini jailbreak was first posted on Twitter by Musclenerd, a longtime member of iPhone Dev Team. The image reveals information about the iPad Mini along with some lines of processes which, in all likelihood, indicates a successful jailbreak.

Musclenerd goes on to call this jailbreak as “failbreak,” but the jailbreaking process is not out yet. For now, the iOS hackers were able to jailbreak iPad Mini using the Apple’s Developer account which costs $99 per year.

We are still unclear whether this is a tethered or untethered jailbreak, but it is surprising to see a new device on iOS 6.0 firmware jailbroken within 24 hours.

Tweet from iPhone Dev Team’s Musclenerd:

“the “failbreak” from @phoenixdev @chpwn in action on an iPad-mini icon smile Jailbreak Update: iPad Mini on iOS 6 Successfully Jailbroken “

The whole jailbreaking process is a lot more complex, which is why devices like iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S on iOS 6 firmware are still waiting for the jailbreak. There’s no word whether this jailbreak method will be released publicly or not, and even if it does, one should know that the US Library of Congress declared that jailbreaking iPads or any other tablets will be illegal starting January, 2013.

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